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1 year update: Cliffnotes

The last year has been a whirlwind. It seems like we were just putting up streamers for Little Elfkin’s first birthday, and here we are planning out the party for her second birthday. (Spoiler: it’s Moana themed.)

What’s Changed: 

Little Elfkin has gotten bigger, braver, and much sassier. She has come to the point where she says “NO,” I say “YES!” and she says “FINE.” Teen years are coming earlier and earlier…

I quit my job. No, really. It was a joy working with my customers, but my boss threw me under the bus one-too-many times and I just couldn’t take it anymore. There seemed to be a lot of systemic issues with the business overall, though. It turned into a toxic environment where crying was expected and stress levels were notoriously and consistently high. No one wants that.

I found a new job. I spent 3 months looking for my next career and landed in the tech industry. I’m still getting to know the new business, but I feel like it’s going to be a good fit. It was a little bit of culture shock coming from a super-corporate office into a tech company because the atmosphere is so much more relaxed–but that is part of why it’s so great. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Our health as a family has changed a lot this year. My weight has changed. I had another miscarriage, but haven’t lost the weight that came with the pregnancy yet. Hubs has some things we’re sorting out and combined, it’s really motivating us to get in shape. We both have FitBits now, I re-joined Weight Watchers and I attend an HIIT class every week at Orange Theory Fitness. 

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?

I really don’t know. I’m on Facebook less and less these days, and on Instagram more, but I just haven’t found a great outlet for connecting with people who want fitness and wellness. I am hoping that by writing here, I’ll be more accountable again and get healthy enough to start reaching other goals.  I’ll flesh out a plan later on but I think that’s as good a place as any to start. At a minimum, I hope to write at least weekly.


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Stop before you Pokémon GO 

I’m there.  I’m not just *on* the bandwagon…I’m one of those people who said “hey,  let’s get the band back together!” Haha

Let’s talk Pokémon GO. It’s an augmented reality mobile game that lets you catch Pokémon and then use them to battle and train at gyms with trading Pokémon anticipated for future releases.  “Augmented Reality” (in this case) means that the game relies on your location and camera to simulate having Pokémon in your environment–and the type of Pokémon that appear are largely dependent on said environment with grass types in grass,  water types near water,  fire types out on hot days,  and electric types…. well, I’ve only ever caught one so…mystery remains. Or,  you can Google it.  

The thing I am loving about this game is that it combines so many of my hobbies. 

  • Going for walks
  • Playing video games
  • Instant gratification
  • Taking pictures 
  • Sharing on social media

The instant gratification is what makes this game so addicting to me. Often,  when I’m out catching Pokémon I’ll think to myself “oh, if I just go a little further I can hit that Pokéstop.”

My weekend steps have easily tripled in the pursuit of Pokémon. Not only that,  but I’ve integrated the local Pokéstop into a workout routine that’s easily repeatable. 

Clockwise from top left: (modified) burpees,  run to Pokéstop,  (modified) push ups,  body weight squats.  

Sure,  it’s only 4 moves, but it’s 4 moves that I wouldn’t have been doing had I not wanted to collect items from the Pokéstop. 

 There are plenty of opportunities to combine Pokémon with community service as well:

  • Taking a bag on walks to clean up the neighborhood 
  • Partnering with a local shelter to walk dogs
  • Partnering with a virtual shelter to turn miles into money for local shelters
  • Getting to know your neighbors

Now,  before I forget and leave it out altogether–if you’re going to play Pokémon GO, please be safe! Travel or play with friends. Don’t trust every stranger. Don’t play while driving!! It’s so tempting to just cruise and catch,  but that’s not the point and it’s dangerous to boot. 

Now, get out there and catch some fun. 😊

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We found our village

While I’m not familiar with the origin of the proverb, I’m wholly in agreement that it certainly does take a village to raise a child.  In this day and age of internet-connectedness where our closes friends could be hundreds of miles away, I feared that our village would be rather small indeed.  I have been pleasantly surprised, though, at just how large our village can be.  My close friends and family know who they are and so I’ve taken away a few paragraphs where I named names and deeds from our friends and family who have helped us with our little elfkin. The appreciation still blossoms when I think of how they’ve helped and the lessons they’ve taught us. I was most interested, though, in writing about finding unexpected people in the village that helps us to raise our child.

I was surprised the most to find that we had a village even in the strangers in our neighborhood.  Little old ladies smile with eyes twinkling and offer helpful information–where the restrooms are at the grocery store.  Other moms come congratulate me on my little one, tell me how beautiful she is, and reassure me that I’m the only one bothered by her wails of dismay in the middle of Toys R Us.  The librarian at our local branch showed me how I can put the entire stack of books on the check out all at once instead of having to scan each bar code–a real lifesaver when you’re on the count down to a melt down because it’s almost meal time.  The woman at the coffee shop who admired us as a tag-team, out on the town running errands–and who kept an eye on her while I got cream for my coffee just 5 feet away.  Yes–gasp–I let a stranger keep an eye on her for just a moment.  When I returned with my cup of coffee, we talked, the woman and I, about babies, schooling, and the variances in different Montessori schools.

It was then that I sort of realized that these strangers are the village that it takes to raise a child.  Without these people I’d be, for example, running out of a store at top speed the moment our little one’s face crumples.  I’d be stuck going no further than 5 miles from home so that I knew I could be home to change her diaper or give her more food when the time ticked down.  I’d be unable to take the time to run the errands necessary to keep the household running smoothly…

At first, the attention made me shrink.  I like attention, yes, but on my terms, not someone else’s.  But then, as the hints proved helpful, and the smiles proved warm and genuine, I began to enjoy being a part of this village and taking the opportunity to make life easier by listening.

There’s more to be said about this, but she’s calling me now.  In summary–I’m thankful for our neighborhood, our neighbors, and the kind smiles from strangers in the world.  When given the opportunity, be that kind person who lends a helping hand or understanding smile.  I think it makes the world a much better place. ❤

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Things I’ve learned in two months as a new parent

1. Time flies in the grand scheme, though it may creep otherwise. Things change faster than you think.

Newborn vs 8 Weeks

2. Sleep is still a rarity, but it’s getting easier at night. If all else fails, there are still naps.


3. Some days, you’ll be super mom and get everything done that needs doing–even helping your own super mom with her giant ass yard 😛


4. Other days you’ll only get the bare minimum done because babies just need to be held sometimes, and that’s okay.


5. Because, through all the late nights, early mornings, endless laundry, etc … You get to look forward to those grins.


6. You have to *MAKE* time for what’s important to you. Don’t leave your husband out. He’s still important, as is your relationship as Husband and Wife, not just as Mom and Dad. ❤


7. A bed time routine is important. Ours starts around 8 pm… Diaper! Pajamas! Bottle! Story! Bed!

Most nights it works. Some nights she’ll just wanna have girl talk and that’s okay. Baby slumber party. The pillow fights are ruthless 😛


8. There will be tears. A lot of them. For a lot of reasons. Must of the time you can do something about it. Sometimes you can’t. Those times, you just reflect that at least she’s healthy enough to cry.


9. She’ll be okay, too. Most of the time, she needs a diaper, some love, or some food. She’ll be thankful you took the time to figure out which.


10. It’s an adventure. There are good days, and days that are challenging. There are so many days that fly right by and I wonder why I didn’t have time to write about them.. but it’s not that there’s no time, it’s that my time is spent with her ❤ she's my priority and how I chose to spend my time. I don't see that changing any time soon.


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Cleaning day!

Every Sunday is cleaning day in the MegsFitness household. That, and, if I’m lucky, batch cooking day. Today, it could very well turn out to be neither if I’m not careful.

I had a ton of fun with my family yesterday. Lots of good food, conversation, and plenty of fresh air. This is the daughter of one of my cousins, but it pretty much represents my attitude too:


Woo! Party!!

All that fresh air and excitement makes for a really sleepy megsyface. This blog brought to you by: procrastination.

Check list for the day:

Install doors in crawl spaces
Dispose of broken baby gates (thanks, Darwin)
Vacuum nursery play room
Change out guest bedding
Clean up office desk…


*Maybe* get some menu planning done.

Oi. Better get started.

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Don’t break the facade, it’s fragile

This month has had a lot of ups and downs that have left me feeling so drained.  There’s been good and bad news with the house, good and bad news with adopting a dog, good and bad with work, school, and our social lives. 


There is no good, though, in this badness: my chiropractor has passed away, and I feel his loss tremendously.  Doc saved my life when all I could feel was agony.  He helped me find my balance, my strength, and my physical fitness again.

For the past few years, Doc had shared in all of my joys, and all of my sorrows.   I saw him weekly, and his genuine warmth and optimism made my bad days better.  I’ll always remember his kindness, and strive to be as honorable.

Rest in peace, Dr. Pennebaker.


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United Way 2014 opening ceremonies: VIP Lounge

Mom and me, livin' it up, VIP

This week stands to be one of the best ones of the year.  United Way events are in full swing and the team has done a fantastic job coming up with a theme that is fun for all.  They went with a “Hollywood/VIP” theme and the opening ceremonies included VIP Lounge with bubbly*, appetizers, and lunch.  It was a formal affair with men in tuxedos, women in gowns, and everyone looking and acting their best.




The way that this works as a fund raiser is that the company puts up the money for events and activities, and then sells tickets to the events and activities.  For $20, I got to step away from my desk, walk the red carpet (complete with paparazzi), and be escorted to the VIP Lounge where I schmoozed with other VIPs, ate appetizers, and drank bubbly* while listening to the opening ceremony.



After the pomp and circumstance of the opening ceremonies, myself and other VIPs were treated to a fine meal, and gifted a swag bag.


It had play dough and chap stick included 🙂 and a glitter gel pen. Haha! I’m thrilled.  It also came with wet wipes and airborne, I assume, because flu season has started.  It was totally random, but it was so unexpected that it made me laugh.


All in all, I had a great time, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week!

*bubbly=sparkling pear juice 🙂