Name: Megan (MegsFitness)
Location: Minnesota, USA || Manitoba, CA

I live and work in Minnesota, though we often visit my husband’s, family home in Canada.  We have 2 cats, and we have a daughter who was born in 2015 that we call “Little Elfkin,” online.

Toby hanging out on the cat tower
Toby hanging out on the cat tower
Taz in the window
Deceased, Spring 2017


Khloe, adopted Summer 2017



Toddler girl, Little Elfkin, showing racing flag and hamburger stickers
Little Elfkin showing off some prizes

Jeff and I like to cook together, and I like to take pictures of food.  I also like to steal bits of food off of his plate when he is and is not looking.  We play Dungeons and Dragons on Saturdays and like to check out various RPGs/MMOs.  We are both studying for various achievements and spend a LOT of time with our noses in books.

Overall, we’re just living life, loving it, and I’m writing about bits and pieces of it.  This blog will have weight loss, food pictures, self-reflection and development, family portraits, stories, musings, and rants.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
– Maria Robinson

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  1. Hi there Meg, I’m Judy! I have a question and would love to speak more with you. Please email me when you have time, thank you!!

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