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Don’t break the facade, it’s fragile

This month has had a lot of ups and downs that have left me feeling so drained.  There’s been good and bad news with the house, good and bad news with adopting a dog, good and bad with work, school, and our social lives. 


There is no good, though, in this badness: my chiropractor has passed away, and I feel his loss tremendously.  Doc saved my life when all I could feel was agony.  He helped me find my balance, my strength, and my physical fitness again.

For the past few years, Doc had shared in all of my joys, and all of my sorrows.   I saw him weekly, and his genuine warmth and optimism made my bad days better.  I’ll always remember his kindness, and strive to be as honorable.

Rest in peace, Dr. Pennebaker.



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