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Stop before you Pokémon GO 

I’m there.  I’m not just *on* the bandwagon…I’m one of those people who said “hey,  let’s get the band back together!” Haha

Let’s talk Pokémon GO. It’s an augmented reality mobile game that lets you catch Pokémon and then use them to battle and train at gyms with trading Pokémon anticipated for future releases.  “Augmented Reality” (in this case) means that the game relies on your location and camera to simulate having Pokémon in your environment–and the type of Pokémon that appear are largely dependent on said environment with grass types in grass,  water types near water,  fire types out on hot days,  and electric types…. well, I’ve only ever caught one so…mystery remains. Or,  you can Google it.  

The thing I am loving about this game is that it combines so many of my hobbies. 

  • Going for walks
  • Playing video games
  • Instant gratification
  • Taking pictures 
  • Sharing on social media

The instant gratification is what makes this game so addicting to me. Often,  when I’m out catching Pokémon I’ll think to myself “oh, if I just go a little further I can hit that Pokéstop.”

My weekend steps have easily tripled in the pursuit of Pokémon. Not only that,  but I’ve integrated the local Pokéstop into a workout routine that’s easily repeatable. 

Clockwise from top left: (modified) burpees,  run to Pokéstop,  (modified) push ups,  body weight squats.  

Sure,  it’s only 4 moves, but it’s 4 moves that I wouldn’t have been doing had I not wanted to collect items from the Pokéstop. 

 There are plenty of opportunities to combine Pokémon with community service as well:

  • Taking a bag on walks to clean up the neighborhood 
  • Partnering with a local shelter to walk dogs
  • Partnering with a virtual shelter to turn miles into money for local shelters
  • Getting to know your neighbors

Now,  before I forget and leave it out altogether–if you’re going to play Pokémon GO, please be safe! Travel or play with friends. Don’t trust every stranger. Don’t play while driving!! It’s so tempting to just cruise and catch,  but that’s not the point and it’s dangerous to boot. 

Now, get out there and catch some fun. 😊


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