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Warrior Dash Training: Week 3, Day 1

Today was the start of Warrior Dash Training, Week 3, Day 1.  Already, I’m starting to add weights and increase my speed a little bit. Today’s plan included 1 minute intervals of 5.6-5.7 MPH running alternating with sets of 15 reps of each exercise as listed before.  I still have issues with the ball-tuck-rolls and the extensions, but with with angled lat pull-down, I added the half plate.  I think that I need to up the weight for the chest-presses on a ball because I was pumpin’ ’em out like whoa tonight.

Next month, I have about a week or so where I will be out of town for a friend’s wedding.  I talked to Mr. Trainer about it today so that we can plan accordingly.  He’s going to call the hotel and find out what equipment I’ll have available and if it’s insufficient, then we’ll work together to find a suitable gym to go to in the area.

When he asked how much time I would have to work out, I kindly let him know that I would make time to exercise.   It really is a priority for me.

Unfortunately, as clear as that priority is, I can’t get my eating to line up with it.  I know, I know.. I was on the opposite page last week.  I had my eating down pat and had to try really hard to exercise!  It’s like the traditional scales–fitness and exercise on one side, and healthy eating on the other.  Usually I can do one or the other really really well.  I just need to figure out how to balance it out.  Exercising hard for an hour comes completely undone when I come home and scarf down dinner, and bread, and candied nuts, etc. Poof! Negates all that effort.  The next InBody260 weigh-in is scheduled for October 17th when I get back from vacation.  I guess that will be incentive to be good 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Warrior Dash Training: Week 3, Day 1

  1. Way to go, lady! SUPER proud of you! I know I say that a lot on my comments here, but i really am proud.

    Just an idea to help keep eating in check….Will taking pictures of your food throughout the day help, and then posting them here? I did that a couple weeks ago and posted to SP, and I found that when I wanted to mindlessly eat before/after dinner especially, the fact that I had to get my phone out and snap a picture AND know I had to post it for people to see, made me stop and assess my hunger/want for it. Just an idea! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I did that on facebook for a while, remember? I wonder if that annoys people–especially now that fb makes it bigger on the feed… I may consider that, though 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

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