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Warrior Dash training: Upping the weights!

The word of the day is POWER!!!  During my workout today, I really felt powerful.  It was so invigorating and it inspired me to push a little harder than usual.  

Warm-Up: 5 minutes, 3.5 MPH
Running (in between each set): 5.5mph 1 Minute; Ball Tuck Roll (3x)
Running: 5.6mph 1 Minute; Ball DB Chest Press (3x) 15lb Dumbbells
Running: 5.4mph 1 Minute; Body Bar Front Squat (3x)
Running: 4.7mph 1 Minute; Angled Lat Pull Down (3x) 5th plate
Running: 5.5mph 1 Minute; Ball Roll (3x)

A little extra:
Warm-Up: 5 minutes, 3.5 MPH
Running (in between each set): 5.6mph 1 Minute; Ball Tuck Roll (3x)
Running: 5.7mph 1.5 Minutes; Ball DB Chest Press (3x) 20lb Dumbbells
Running: 5.7mph 1 Minute; Body Bar Front Squat (3x)
Running: 5.0mph 2 Minutes; Angled Lat Pull Down (3x) 5th plate + 1/2 plate
Running: 5.5mph 1 Minute; Ball Roll (3x)

In the beginning, I whined about the ball exercises because I couldn’t do more than 3 at a time.  Today, I rocked out 12 before I had to reset and then I finished the last 3. SO GOOD!  For the chest presses, I added 5 lbs per dumbbell… first set was cool! The plates are bigger so I was just feeling cool watching them rise into the air and knowing I was doing that work.  Then I went for my run and I pushed it just a bit further.  “Come on!” I thought to myself, “go 30 more seconds! Your mind is bored, not your body!” and I pushed the run. Set 2 was harder and I was really timing my breath to manage the exertion.  It felt good to run afterwards.  Set 3, I had Ms. Trainer spot me because my arms were like Jell-O by rep number 5.  But I finished! So strong! hehe…

The Angled Lat Pull Downs were so hard in the very beginning.  I could only do 5 at a time on day one.. and I’d need to rest for about 10-20 seconds, then do 5 more, rest, then do the last 5 to complete a set.  Today, BOOM! baby! I was able to complete the sets.  With the 1/2 plate added, it was pretty challenging still, but I was able to complete all of the reps.  I felt really proud of my progress. More running.. my ponytail going swish, swish, swish… and sweating!  Did you know, at one point, I never sweated during a work out.  Is there such thing as being too fat to sweat?  Seriously–when I first started trying to lose weight I would kick ass like this–I would be winded and huffing and puffing and trying my damndest… but I wouldn’t sweat! Go figure.  Today? Pssh.. drenched. 

 The other exercises went just as well.  I finished the workout in about 50 minutes total and then stretched out and headed home.  Dinner tonight was salad with lasagna with pretzel M&M’s for dessert. If you noticed a missing ‘menu monday’ post, it’s because I didn’t make a menu or go grocery shopping =P Mr. Roomie has been doing all the work this week since Rah-rah’s parents were in town last weekend.  Stay tuned for a new menu for next week, though.

What did you do to feel good about yourself today?



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