“I will tickle you all back to health”

“Klonex: Oh my.. I will tickle you all back to health.
Corrderio: Thanks.”

Gamer culture is weird, but that’s probably why I like it. Yesterday, I put in a 14 hour day at work followed by an hour or two of gaming.  I was having back spasms yesterday and that really put a damper on my mood.  Our guild had an event night last night, though, so it was fun to just give in to the distraction.

Warning: neurotoxins can alter reality and produce harmful hallucinations

Yesterday wasn’t all bad, though.  I made it to and from work without incident, had a marginally healthy day, and got to talk to my friend Lyz for about an hour on the phone.  It was really actually pretty good.

Collage 2014-02-22 08_38_34

Today, I’m hitting the books, writing an essay, taking an exam, and hitting the gym.

To Do: Write about the Wedding Fair

Sorry for the delay, folks.  I did not get the pictures pulled from the SD card yet.  The day kind of got away from me.  The wedding fair, in a nutshell, was complete and utter cake-flavored chaos.  I think I may have found leads on a DJ, a baker, and a potential venue.  Of course, Jeffrah is out of town at the moment (and I am moping about because of it) and that means that I can’t share all this stuff with him yet, so it’s kind of awkward to share with you first.  I will write a proper blog post later 🙂  Thanks for keeping up!

How to make Lasagna: Part 1

Step 1: Start to brown ground beef.
Step 2: Realize you’re starvin’ marvin and Lasagna is not anywhere close to a fast food.
Step 3: Order Jimmy John’s Bootlegger sub.
Step 4: CHOW DOWN! Nom nom nom!
Step 5: resume making Lasagna.