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A little sunshine, a little fresh air, a lot of happiness

Sunshine and fresh air can’t fix everything, but it can sure recharge your store of feel-good chemicals and put a brighter spin on things.


Things at work are getting better, in the sense that things have returned to the status quo, until more news comes out.

Since the weather has improved so much, I’ve been making an effort to get outside and go for more walks.


Winter in Minnesota is a time to hunker down and hibernate. The lack of Sun slows metabolism, increases melatonin, and generally causes the inhabitants to retreat into a quiet, somber ‘survival mode,’ until the sun decides to show itself again. 

As a sufferer of SAD I can honestly say that my mood has improved exponentially with the weather.


Even the hubby notices.  I gravitate towards healthier foods–reveling in the fruits and vegetables of the season before I’m forced all too soon back to the dreary canned and frozen varieties of winter.


This week we’ve been eating summer squash, zucchini, crimini mushrooms, and watermelon.  Today, I was able to have spinach and tomato diced into my omelet.

This afternoon, I was able to get out for a 1.34 mile walk in the sunshine (as tracked my Map My Fitness.


I guess what this entire entry is trying to say is this: MegsFitness is back. Fresh food, fitness, motivation… It’s on, and it feels so good to be back!

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Third Visit – and Dysthymia

The exact cause of dysthymia is unknown. It tends to run in families. Dysthymia occurs more often in women than in men and affects up to 5% of the general population.

The main symptom of dysthymia is a low, dark, or sad mood on most days for at least 2 years. In children and adolescents, the mood can be irritable instead of depressed and may last for at least 1 year.

In addition, two or more of the following symptoms will be present almost all of the time that the person has dysthymia:

  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Too little or too much sleep
  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor appetite or overeating
  • Poor concentration

People with dysthymia will often take a negative or discouraging view of themselves, their future, other people, and life events. Problems often seem more difficult to solve. (

I had the third visit with the counselor the other day and after telling her of the stresses, trouble concentrating at work, et al, she asked me to consider dysthymia.  I think that’s why I haven’t updated.  It’s overwhelming to consider that there might actually be something physical causing my trouble sleeping, trouble focusing, poor self-esteem, and over-eating.

I guess the light that I’m trying to consider is that if there’s a cause, there can be a cure.  But that’s something I’m still looking into.  In the mean time, I’ve re-joined sparkpeople and posted a blog about my “ah-ha” moment over there.  Since I just re-joined that site, I’m not really diving into the “Hey! I have issues..” thing, but I told of looking through our engagement pictures and completely ruining the experience for myself by being so self-critical.  So, first things first – the 3 W goals for the week – Water, Wake, Walk.  64 oz of water, 1 get-up-and-go song/day, and go for 1 walk/day.

The last time I got to good it was through sleep, nutrition, and exercise.  Maybe it can work again ❤

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PT, S’more’s and an evening walk

Today was a good day.  My co-worker had read my blog entry on s’mores in a tin  and was inspired to bring s’mores to work today.  LOL  Yay for microwave s’mores!

Microwave S'more
Microwave S’more

Have I mentioned I love s’mores?  Have I also mentioned I’m trying to lose weight?  Good thing I can balance, right?  Most days.


It was my 3rd meeting with Emily for some PT.  She and I worked out a deal that makes personal training affordable.  She’s terrific–willing to accept payment after-the-fact to get me started.  We talked our way through the work out and it was over before I knew it.  We did our warm-up, I did the presses, lunges, bridges, “kick-stands,” the thing on the cable machine, plank… etc.  And suddenly she says “let’s stretch out”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Emily: “what?”

Me: “We’re done?”

Emily: “yeah!”

Me: “No, like, with *all* of it?”

Emily: “Yeah, we did the warm up, the plank, the [listed all of my exercises which I can’t recall at the moment…]  and now we’re done!”

Me: “… Wanna do it again?”

It was great.  After work I was tired out, hungry, etc. and on any other day, I would have just called it a day and went home–but Emily was waiting for me so I had to at least show up.  By the time I left, I was happy, energetic, excited.. It was good.

Unfortunately, Jeff and I still didn’t get our grocery shopping done, so dinner tonight was a salad from Wendy’s:

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad - Wendy's - Google Chrome_2012-06-05_23-14-37
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad – Wendy’s

Jeff and I ate dinner when I got home, watched an episode of Supernatural, went for a good 40 minute walk and then watched a couple more episodes of Supernatural. I’m about to hit the hay, but here are some pics from our walk:

Pretty white flowers along the side of the path
Pretty white flowers along the side of the path
Giant, untended Rhubarb
Giant, untended Rhubarb
Manicured Hill
Manicured Hill
Herd of Geese
Herd of Geese

[Sidebar:  Guys, I use my phone to take the pics for my blog, and lately, the quality has been suffering.  The replacement phone that I got works great as a phone but the camera is hinky.  It flashes when I have flash disabled, the auto-focus is unreliable, and the exposure is defaulted to something that is too dark, so unless I compensate, the photos don’t even turn out.  Based on the poor quality of the photos from my walk, among others that were too bad to publish, I think I’m going to contact Verizon again and ask for another replacement 😦 Hopefully you guys will have better pics in the near future 🙂 ]