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Spontaneous Spouse Survey

WITHOUT ANY prompting, ask your husband/boyfriend these questions and write down EXACTLY what he says (switch the pronouns as needed to do this with your significant other or spouse! Post a link to your results in the comments below)

1. What is something your wife/girlfriend always says to you? “Honeybear…”

2. What makes her happy? “Snuggles”

3. What makes her sad? “What’s the most obvi–I guess when a character in a show dies.”

(all the tears, all over again. T^T)

4. How does she make you laugh? “Being silly”

5. What was she like as a child? “Uh… from all accounts a pain in the butt.”

6. How old is she? “You are 28.” (me: “I’m 28 NOW or TURNING 28? *starts doing math*”  Jeff: *laughs and rolls his eyes because I can never remember my age this year* “you ARE 28, you are TURNING 29.” LOL)

7. How tall is she? “Um.. 5’8? 5’6? Somewhere around there.”  (5’6″)

8. What is her favourite thing to do? “I thought you already asked that? Number 2?” me: “No, that question was ‘what makes me happy,'” Jeff: *snort of laughter* “Aren’t they the same? Snuggle?”

9. What does she do when you’re not around?Imgur.”

10. If she becomes famous, what will it be for? *long pause* “Art.”

11. What is she really good at? (as Taz is walking on me and getting in the way) “Uh, working around your cat!”

Taz Face

12. What is she not very good at? (as Taz steps on the paper I’m using to jot down the answers and I’m ineffectively trying to shove him off while writing at the same time) “Working around your cat :P”

13. What does she do for a job? “What do you do for a job?  You yell at people. Usually indirectly.”

14. What is her favourite food? (no hesitation) “S’mores.”

15. What makes you proud of her? “Lots of things.  Success in your career, or really anything you try to achieve.”

16. If she were a character, who would she be? “Well that’s a broad question.  Fantasy, movie, book?  I dunno… That’s a tough one.. There’s a few on the end of my nose–tongue–whatever….I can’t think of any!  (pause) You’re very much not a one-dimensional character.  (longer pause.)  Uh. That ‘what’s a meow-meow’ girl, I guess.”

17. What do you and her do together? “Be unproductive, which may or may not include snuggling.”

18. How are you and her the same? “We’re married :P”

19. How are you and her different? “Boy and girl? Just kidding 🙂 Um.. You’re more driven than I am for physical stuff.  I’m more driven for mental stuff.”

20. How do you know she loves you? “Just your behavior. It’s rare to not see you smiling, unless you’re crying or watching TV.”

21. What does she like most about you? “Clearly my humor and wit ;)”

22. Where is her favourite place to go? “Sculpture Garden.”

source: Quennell Rothschild & Partners

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Pop Quiz!

I’ve been feeling really uninspired to write lately… even though I’ve been doing awesome things like joining community centers, trying new recipes, and building equipment for healthy living at work… To jump-start the writing juices, I present you with a couple of quizzes.. enjoy! And thanks for reading

1. Before you started this, what were you doing? 

Updating my Target Registry. Target Registry 1-25-13

2. What is the last movie you saw that you loved?

Pitch Perfect, hahaha!

3. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

I’m not honestly sure.. I’m still contemplating that.  If I didn’t have to worry about work or familial obligations, I’d probably go somewhere with moderate weather so I could work out outside and not have to hide from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter.

4. What’s the first thing you do on a weekend morning?

Wake up?  HA! Then I check my ‘vitals’….


5. Who sent the last text message you received?

My Papa-bear… We’re making plans to go to the food tasting for mine and Jeff’s wedding reception caterer.

6. Do you have tattoos? Piercings?

I’ve got a tattoo on my back that has a drawing I made and a quote from Jacqueline Carey in my own hand-writing… I really live by that saying, too–Love is love is love, and it’s beautiful in all forms no matter what colors/genders lovers are.


7. What’s the last thing you ate?

Blueberries–but only because I knew this question was on here.  I’m trying to get Jeff to make me some pierogies…

8. What’s the worst job you’ve had in your life?

The worst job I had in my life was cleaning the vet clinic.  I got all the dirty work like washing kennels, cleaning poo from the yard, wiping down the exam room and cleaning the floors…. And none of the fun because the animals that were there were sick and not there to be played with by a kid.  It was sad and disheartening and gross. 😦

9. What’s the best job you’ve had in your life?

Probably my current one, actually.  There are good hours, good benefits, and I don’t have to bring work home with me or work weekends.  It’s still technically entry-level customer service, but it’s pretty nice. I’m happy with it.

1. What did you eat for breakfast?

Oatmeal (in Pomegranate instead of Chocolate..’cause..y’know.. I don’t like chocolate anymore O_O)


2. How much water do you drink each day?

As much as I need?  Some days that’s 64, some days more, some days less.  I have a purple 30oz water bottle that I refill as needed.

3. What is your current favorite workout?

Eep.. I haven’t been exercising lately.  I am really looking forward to swimming this weekend, though, and biking in the summer…


4. How many calories do you eat a day?

Almost all of them… I only have coffee with a little creamer in the morning, otherwise I’m drinking water the rest of the day, so most of my calories come from eating food 😉  I skirted this question on purpose because I’ve noticed that tracking food actually makes me obsess with food and get a little crazy about it.  It’s better for me to just pay attention to my hunger signals and eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m not.

5. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Fruits are my favorite by far.  I’m snacking on a clementine now (switched it up from the blueberries!) and I love bananas, grapes, and strawberries too.

Mixed Fruit
Mixed Fruit

6. What do you usually eat for lunch?

There is no ‘usual’ for lunch.  Sandwiches are pretty common, but I also like left over dinner, soup, chili, or something from the cafeteria.  Poultry plays a big role during lunch because I usually have chicken or turkey over the lunch hour.

7. What is your favorite body part to strength train?

I really like doing full body work-outs.  My legs are probably my strongest so I like how powerful I feel when I train lower-body, but my arms show the fastest rate of improvement, so that’s fun.  My core is my weakest point right now, but that’s getting better too.

exercise illustrations

8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?

Core. For sure. I feel like my stomach gets in my way and impedes progress.

9. What are your “bad” food cravings?

Sweet.  I’m working on breaking a chocolate addiction.  I went about 3 weeks without chocolate* and now I realize that it gives me heartburn almost immediately and doesn’t even taste that good any more.

*I just realized that I’m backsliding.  We had a morsel of dark chocolate in a health class on Wednesday, I craved and caved and got a Kit-Kat on Thursday, and I craved and caved and got a Hershey’s bar today.  Ugh. Need to stop eating chocolate again.

10. Do you take vitamins/supplements?

No.  I should be taking calcium and vitamin B (complex) but I don’t usually remember..

11. How often do you eat out?

It used to be 3-4x/week, but it’s down to about 1-2.

12. Do you eat fast food?


13. Who is your biggest supporter?

My mom is definitely my biggest supporter.  She gives me ‘the look’ when she sees me making a poor choice, and she’s my biggest cheerleader. The below is my pic with my parents after finishing the Warrior Dash 🙂 She was the first to give me a giant hug and congratulate me on finishing.


14. Do you have a gym membership?

I do now!  I had a free membership through work and access to equipment at home, but I’ve just joined the local community center and I’m hoping to get to some group classes again soon.

15. How many hours of sleep do you get each night?

6-7 if I’m lucky.. back pain usually wakes me up around that time.

16. Do you have a “cheat” day?

Everything in moderation.  Including moderation.


17. Do you drink alcohol?

In moderation 😉

18. Do you have a workout buddy?

No, I don’t.  Jeff and I used to work out together but now that’s become Jeff and I used to work out.  I’m getting back into it, but it seems to be a solo kind of gig.

19. What is the best thing about your life that has changed since you began a healthy lifestyle?

I find that my moods are more stable and I’m generally happier when I’m firing on all cylinders.  I just FEEL better, you know?  The boost in self-confidence doesn’t hurt either 😉

20. What was the last healthy thing you did?

I built a standing-station at work so that I can stand instead of sit all day long.  Maybe I should blog about it 😉

Standing Station

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Getting to know me

Name: Megan
Nickname: Megs
Age: 25
Relationship Status: Happily “Taken” by Rah-Rah
Home Life: 2 Adult Roommates, Rah-Rah and Toby (Tobias, the fluffcat)
Work Life: 8.5 hrs/day 5 days/week, sedentary.
Location: Midwest USA (MN)
Favorite Food: All of it?  That’s why I’m here, right? Chocolate + Pizza
Favorite Workout: Kettlebell Swings
Favorite Past time: Reading
Past: 1 Triathlon Relay Team (Swimming, 2008), many 5ks.
Present: 5 5ks in 2011, and a “reward” Monster Dash 5k in October
Future: Outdoor Winter Fitness


So, now that you’ve read through the bullet-style summary of “me,” I wanted to go a little more in-depth.  My name is Megs and I’m from Minnesota.  My situation “as-is” is a bit of a challenge in that I live with 3 other adults and work in a sedentary job.  I believe that my lifestyle right now is probably similar to if I were living with my Rah-Rah with a family of our own, so I look at it as a challenge and unique opportunity to “practice” healthy living when I’m not the only one in control of the menu, the money, the cupboards or the fridge.  Currently, I am participating in a program through work called InBody260.  Participants meet 1-2x/month to talk about new foods, victories and struggles with weight and activity management.  Every 2 months, an evaluation will be completed to assess  whether or not we’re going in the right direction.  I am hoping my next scan will be better than my last.

Currently, I am working on cooking my own meals rather than eating take-out, cafeteria food or gas station food.  My worst habit right now is giving in to temptations that I shouldn’t.  For example, I live kitty-corner from a gas station–I tend to go in on my way to work to get a mocha or a breakfast sandwich… I spend less than $5, but if I round to $5 then I’m spending at least $25/week on just breakfast from a gas station.  If I don’t pack my lunch, a meal from the cafeteria at work runs between $5-7 and so that’s potentially between $25-$35/week.  Every weekend, we spend between $45-$100 on groceries just for Rah-Rah and I.  Eating food that I prepare myself, then, will not only save my calorie budget, but it will help our wallets too.