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Song of the South – Alabama

When my momma and I would “rock and roll” on the house, or give it a “white tornado” (cleaning as opposed to destroying like a black tornado), she would blast her music which consisted of Alabama, The Eagles, Johnny Lang, AC/DC, Def Leopard, Little River Band, Bonnie Tyler, Reba McIntyre, etc. Every once in a while, I get the itch to listen to some of her old favorites, so this morning’s song of the day is from Alabama – Song of the South.

It’s mullet tastic. mulletmansparkpeople

I got up at 7am did some sit ups, push ups, squats, then did my therapy exercises for my back. By about 8, I was ready to get some work done and headed down to the garage to clean my car out.. man.. what a mess, haha. I had a whole grocery cart full of stuff to bring back up to the apartment – cleaning supplies that can’t stay in my car over the winter, a lawn game that’s just been hanging out in my trunk, supplies for the wedding that my roomie gave me months ago, and a box full of stuff that I brought home from work–art supplies, stamps, stationery, etc.

It really gathers up fast! 

For breakfast I made eggs over medium with toast and clementines. Jeff and I are going to head out to get his phone replaced and do some prep for when we leave for Canada.