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Cold and Flu Season

It starts with a sniffle. It’s just the cold weather.. and then congestion. It’s just the dry air.. and then a cough. It’s just– And another cough–dang it! You’re sick.

Tis the season, after all. Cold and flu season (apparently) peak in February. Joy.

We’re finally starting to get over it at my house. I’m the last one lingering around with sniffles and coughs and restless nights. It’s not all that bad. It’s better than it was.

The worst was our little Elfkin getting sick. She had a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and she choked on phlegm one morning so badly that we had to use the nasal aspirator to suction her throat so that she could breathe. It’s a good thing we keep those in so many places.

Before that incident, she’d had problems with spit up, so we’d tried propping her mattress. Between gravity and wiggling, she’d end up sideways towards the bottom of the slope by the middle of the night. Some of the worse nights, I’d keep her in our room, snuggled up on my chest, or sleeping in a cradle right next to me.

The worst was when we laid her down to change her diaper, and she would gasp for breath. She was fine and happy if she was sitting up straight, but seemed to struggle otherwise. We finally quit battling the virus on our own and took her to the ER. … Where they told us that she’s got a virus abd to go home. So we followed up with her regular doctor who told us that she doesn’t feel good, and there’s nothing they can do, so we should go home. Boy, I can’t wait to get THOSE bills…

All of this to say, she’s doing better. She only had trouble with the phlegm that one time, and the diarrhea is finally dissipating.  If I can say one good thing about this experience, it’s that cloth diapers are amazing. She was blowing out of size 2 disposables, so we moved her up to size 3. She still blew out. I gave up and went back to cloth and she hasn’t blown out of those. Bum genius for the win.