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Happy post Valentine’s day


This morning has had a few false starts.  I gave Tazzer his pill this morning around 7, stayed up for a bit, then snuggled back in bed. I played with Jeff’s arm this morning, using the crook of his elbow to play the sad trombone, over zealous tuba, and the panicked bugle (he tickled me mid-raspberry).

After that shenanigans, I went back to sleep. I can hear Jeff rummaging around in the kitchen.


Funny enough, he walked in with breakfast shortly after I wrote that sentence. Officially the first breakfast in bed!  In fact, this post exists because I’m usually out of bed before him, but he wanted to do this for me. It’d have ruined the gesture if I got up and helped him clean the kitchen. I know this from experience…he gets so sad if I foil a surprise.  This was nice. Good things come to those who wait.


And cats. Cats come to those who are waiting. D’awe…

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Rode my bike to work! And then some..

Yesterday was a good enough day weather-wise that I decided to check out the route to work.   When I ‘measured’ it in my car, it was about 5.5 miles.  Google Maps estimated it at 4.7 miles.  When I geared up, I was prepared to do between 9.4-11 miles.

I did it–and getting to work actually went faster than expected!  I took a victory photo and then started heading back towards home.  Wanting some accountability, I had posted a message on Facebook as an open invitation to meet me at a coffee shop that was right on the way home, so I went there next.

Sparkling Mint Lime White Tea.  Yummo.  I would LOVE to know how to make something as delicious as this at home without all the sweetness.  It tasted delicious, but I still had some miles ahead of me and it made my mouth all sticky.  I had maybe half of it and then refilled my water bottle.  I just looked it up online, and for a tea, it’s still not a great choice nutrition-wise:  240 calories, 60 carbs, 58g sugar, 67mg caffeine.  Well… Coffee Shops still remain firmly in the treat category…

No one took me up on my offer to meet up.  After hanging out for about an hour looking at the Parade of Homes catalogue and studying a little bit (textbook on my phone, booya), it was time to head back.

The only problem?  I live in a highway dense neighborhood.  I took a wrong turn.  On my bike. And had to go 3 miles out of the way to correct it.  Oi!

Whoops. Apparently clover-leaves are not lucky.

So after a long and tiring ride wherein I was thankful for both Dubstep and Sunscreen, I returned home, little worse for wear.  All day yesterday after my ride I had tightness in my chest and I would cough if I breathed too deeply.  Nothing to be worried about, just a little exercise-induced asthma like symptoms. I think if I want to continue doing this that I’ll need to get some biker shorts and maybe talk to my doc about the post-cardio breathing issues.  I mean, they’re not bad enough to interfere with usual tasks, but it’s a little scary to have a coughing fit induced just by taking a deep breath.

Anyway, I’m going to start with once or twice per week, and build it up from there 🙂 It went really well.