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If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some. – Benjamin Franklin

Had a busy busy weekend, for sure.   Spent money like we were rich, except we’re really not.  I’m not even going to talk about the Weight Watcher’s meeting because it was yet again uninspirational.  /sigh.  Breakfast with Runa afterwards, though, was pretty cool.  I actually tracked my breakfast–of course, that was the only meal I tracked this weekend, so not sure how many points I would win for that.

I’m still on my chocolate/sweets kick.  A candy bar a day is NOT good for you, and I know that, and yet I still seek it out.  Today there were 2 Godiva truffles, 2 ghirardelli caramel squares and 1 hershey’s kiss.  And I wanted more.  I would say that this is a story for another day, but the reality is that it is a story for every day, at least for me, over the past few weeks.  No wonder I’ve gained nearly 3 lbs…

Moving on.

Saturday had the same gamut that I usually run.  After school on Saturday, though, Jeff and I went to Target to get some meds for this cold that I’m fighting.  Since it was in such close proximity, we stopped in to Verizon and finally replaced my phone–an original DROID that had a bad case of confusion.  My old DROID would not let me hang up calls, sometimes wouldn’t recognize that I was swiping to unlock the phone when someone was calling, wouldn’t open the app I was asking for, but would open unrelated ones, would take pictures that were half black half color…. And it didn’t really matter what I did, it was unreliable at best.  I have replaced it now with a Motorola Droid Razr… in purple. Because it’s an awesome color.

Motorola Droid Razr (Purple)
Motorola Droid Razr (Purple)

Mom had mentioned that there was a clearance sale of jewelry at the mall and so I convinced Jeff that it was a good idea to stop by.  The first place we looked had friendly staff, but we didn’t find any engagement rings that we just NEEDED to have.  We went a level up and found a beautiful diamond solitare that I fell in love with:

Engagement Ring
Now it's official-official, not just facebook official!

We decided to go ahead and get this beauty now instead of waiting until March, and since we were applying for financing anyway, we replaced Jeff’s watch while we were at it.  On Sunday, we signed the applications and got our deposit turned in for the new apartment that we plan to move to in May.  I think I’ve managed to spend more money in a span of two days than I usually would over the course of a year.

I went to dinner at my parent’s house tonight, so I could show them my new ring and Jeff’s watch.  My papa-bear burst out laughing when Jeff showed the watch to him.  I was perplexed until he showed us his watch alongside Jeff’s–we bought the same exact watch that my step-dad has. LOL!  We were highly amused.  I guess it’s true what they say, daughters find husbands like their fathers.  (So, fathers out there–treat the momma’s right because your daughter will find a man just like you, for better or worse.)

Tomorrow morning the plan is to join my mom at the 6am class, so I should boogie off to bed.  No menu in today’s post because it simply didn’t get done with everything else going on.  We also did not go grocery shopping, so tomorrow is going to be interesting when it comes to food… oi oi oi…

The good news is that I have some time on Wednesday that I should be able to dedicate to food prep, and I’ve got some great ideas pulled from Pinterest for batch cooking and planning, so look forward to that.  🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great [insert time of day you’re reading this here]