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Cleaning day!

Every Sunday is cleaning day in the MegsFitness household. That, and, if I’m lucky, batch cooking day. Today, it could very well turn out to be neither if I’m not careful.

I had a ton of fun with my family yesterday. Lots of good food, conversation, and plenty of fresh air. This is the daughter of one of my cousins, but it pretty much represents my attitude too:


Woo! Party!!

All that fresh air and excitement makes for a really sleepy megsyface. This blog brought to you by: procrastination.

Check list for the day:

Install doors in crawl spaces
Dispose of broken baby gates (thanks, Darwin)
Vacuum nursery play room
Change out guest bedding
Clean up office desk…


*Maybe* get some menu planning done.

Oi. Better get started.

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Hanging Stuff on the Wall!

Look! I'm hanging stuff on the wall...

So, I know that the pictures are not the highest quality… it was kind of late in the evening and I did not take care with the lighting.  I just *had* to let you know, though, that in 1 week, I have gotten far enough with the unpacking process that I could actually start hanging things on my walls ❤  This first frame is showing some of my original art work.  Left to right: Anna, Circus, Opeth (top) – by my brother, Taz (bottom), Kawaii Not t-shirt cut into wall-hanging, and a fairy sketch.

Not Pop Art, Mom Art!

These cutting boards were made by my mom when she was younger than I am now and they make my (tiny!) kitchen feel so home-y.  I can’t decide which one I like the best.  It’s probably the puppy, though, because I want a dog and have two cats instead.

They are LOVING it, by the way.  They neglect the cat towers in favor of the (awesome) windowsills.  I swear they were BUILT for cats.  Here’s a pic of Taz exemplifying how perfect they are for the feline variety:

Catpants in the window

I think that best of all, we actually have an office now.  I have been sleeping *so* much better now that the computer is not in the bedroom.  I would love to say that I am better able to study as well, however, I am still as much of a procrastinator as ever in that I am writing this entry instead of working on my English homework…

The best part, is that my office can showcase some of my nerd geekery:

My desk is nowhere near finished and does not even have a computer set up on it, so please excuse the mess in the bottom of the frame.  Instead, feast your eyes on these fab internet marvels:

(counter clockwise from top left:)

Ones that are not hanging in my office, but are definitely worth mentioning are:

It kind of makes me sad to list all of those out… mostly because I haven’t had time to keep up with hardly ANY of them.  In gathering the links, I found out that Blankit Comics kind of stalled out, but I was happy to note that flakypastry updated just yesterday.

If you’re looking for something to do, definitely check out some of those links.  There’s something for everyone 🙂  If you need kid-friendly stuff, check out dreamland chronicles.  If you need adult-friendly stuff, check out girls-with-slingshots.  If you just want a great story and not necessarily humour, check out  Sarah Ellerton is quite the talented writer.

Okay 🙂 Off to study before I run out of time.  Have a fantastic weekend!