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Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies


Yesterday, someone snuck a salad into my eggs, so, today I’m putting veggies in intentionally ūüėČ


Maybe it’ll help me cure my pizza hang over. We hung out with friends last night and ate really good food.


Okay fine. It was “bad” food, but it was delicious, and we enjoyed ourselves ūüėÄ

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Wipers up, snow down


I said this morning that wipers up means snow will be coming down.  It started early afternoon, and never really let up…


The roads were icy, visibility was reduced… And I had to go to school for class tonight.


Yeah. Good luck getting anywhere.


You know what, though? I got there, checked my voicemail, and heard a message saying class was canceled.


Some days are only good for building snowmen and going to bed early.


Tonight I’m wearing my warrior shirt to bed. Kind of need a reminder to eat better tomorrow and stop getting so frustrated with work.  I ranted at a friend* at work today about all of my frustrations and it just made me want to cry.  Then, I rushed off to school where I was scheduled for an exam…I was feeling crappy, so what did I have for dinner? A chicken taquito, a corndog, a bag of chips, a handful of dark chocolate, and about half a cup of gelato.  Did it feel good at the time? Absolutely. Does it feel good now? Nope. Can I take it back? Nope! Time to move on.

Tomorrow I’ll be well rested, and I’ll make sure to have healthy snacks with me.

Have a good night!

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Semi-Home-Made Pizza Night

Points: 48/35 36 Weekly Points Left.

Start with one “SINGLE SIZE” pizza and then add fresh toppings like green pepper, mushroom, onion, jalepe√Īo, tomato, bacon etc. ¬†Bake according to directions and enjoy a custom treat for the perfect serving size!

Note: Also can be done with salads…

So yes. ¬†Tonight was make-your-own pizza night. ¬†The roommates invited a mutual friend over to hang out and play games and so Mike picked these individual pizza’s up at the grocery store, 5 for $5. ¬†DEAL! ¬†The sticker says 4 for $5, which is still a good deal, but when he saw that they were discounted even more, he couldn’t resist. ¬†He used the money that he saved on fresh ingredients to dress up the pizza like bell peppers, mushroom etc. ¬† For dinner, we each topped the pizza with a selection of fresh ingredients and baked them up for about 12 minutes each and then enjoyed a helluva good ‘zza. It was fun to have all five of us get hands-on to make our own pizza’s and to see what your friends like on their pizza. ¬†Jeff and Mike went for the bacon and¬†jalepe√Īos, Mike and Kaitlyn went for the Cayenne Pepper and Ranch Dressing for dipping, Gloria and I kept things pretty tame with just the fresh veggies. ¬†I also paired mine with a salad to try to meet my veggie quota for the day. You should definitely try this for your next get together. ¬†It was a lot of fun.

Earlier this afternoon, Jeff and I went apartment hunting. ¬†We have a few things to figure out before April, but it basically boils down to windows and temperature control. ¬†Option A has single-pane windows, wall-mounted A/C and baseboard heaters. ¬†Option B has double-pane windows and central heating and air conditioning. ¬†This is the biggest difference between the two places..otherwise they are similar in location, square footage and rent. ¬†Option A has laundry in-unit, Option B has laundry facilities on all floors. ¬†Option A has more storage than Option B. ¬†Option A is closer to work and has easy access to walking paths and has an impressive fitness center. ¬†Option B is closer to mom’s house and across the street from a truffle shop.

So far we’re leaning towards Option A. ¬†Given the options, what would you choose? ¬†Is central air worth giving up easy access to exercise?

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Some days, I hate that quote because it is so completely negative and leaves no wiggle room for recovery.  But most of the time it comes true.

This last weekend, I went to a big party with Rah-rah and it was a few days filled with chocolatey trail-mix, huge breakfasts, mini-doughnuts, cheese-curds, and alcohol.  Even when we made it home, dinner was a pizza with soda.  My body was practically SCREAMING for something healthy.

Last night, we decided to walk to the grocery store because I had reached my breaking point and I needed an apple.¬† Stat. I also needed some fresh air too.¬† When we got to the store, they didn’t have the awesome Honey Crisp apples as I was expecting, but I found a couple good Fuji apples that suited my needs nicely.¬†

I don’t have a¬†menu and we didn’t go grocery shopping for supplies.¬†¬†Rah-rah’s car is broken down,¬† our room is a mess, we need to do laundry and work has been very busy after the long weekend.¬† Given that, I’ll be hard-pressed to meet my goals for the week to have a healthy menu and get in some exercise… But, I’ve got a plan:

– On the way home tonight, I’ll pick up a new battery for Rah-rah’s car.
–¬† Dinner tonight = Spaghetti Squash with Supreme Lean Ground Beef and Classico Tomato Basil Spaghetti Sauce.¬†¬†This will come together in under 20 minutes.
–¬† Rah-rah and I will also tackle the pile-o-laundry that seemed to appear out of nowhere upon our return from vacation.¬†
–¬† While waiting for the laundry to finish, I will install the battery in Rah-rah’s car and hope that it fixes the problem.¬† If not, we may have to make a few trips to the auto-parts store.¬† If this wraps up quickly, maybe he and I can play some frisbee or ladder ball.
– Lastly, after switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I can sit down to work on the rest of the week’s menu.

This will all work, as long as I cancel the social plans that I had for this evening.

Ah, the joys of responsibility ūüôā¬† I’ll be sure to take pictures and report back on how it goes.¬† I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and that your Tuesday is shaping up nicely.