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Cleaning day!

Every Sunday is cleaning day in the MegsFitness household. That, and, if I’m lucky, batch cooking day. Today, it could very well turn out to be neither if I’m not careful.

I had a ton of fun with my family yesterday. Lots of good food, conversation, and plenty of fresh air. This is the daughter of one of my cousins, but it pretty much represents my attitude too:


Woo! Party!!

All that fresh air and excitement makes for a really sleepy megsyface. This blog brought to you by: procrastination.

Check list for the day:

Install doors in crawl spaces
Dispose of broken baby gates (thanks, Darwin)
Vacuum nursery play room
Change out guest bedding
Clean up office desk…


*Maybe* get some menu planning done.

Oi. Better get started.

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I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.

So, at the moment, I’m keeping my stomach settled by sheer will power.  Must’ve eaten somewhat that didn’t agree with me 😦 ugh.. 

Prior to that, though, I’ve been having a fine day.  I finally threw out the old vacuum cleaner in favor of the shiny new one we bought.  I took down a couple bags of recycling and a bag of rubbish while I was at it.  While cleaning today, I also came up with a bag and a box full of stuff for the donation bin.  I think I’ll take it on over to the DAV on the morrow and let them have a go at it. 

Mm.  I’ve just realized there are a few terms slipping into my vocabulary that probably don’t belong there.  Somewhat. Rubbish. Morrow.  Have a go.  That’s probably a sign I’ve been watching too much Dr. Who.  I LOVE David Tennant and can’t bear to think of another doctor after him, but friends say that this Matthew character grows on you.  I dunno.. something about his hair and that bowtie sets me at odds and makes me think he’s a just a bit off.  Dunno.

I thought I’d be gaming more but there simply hasn’t been time.  I am designing the programs for the wedding and for a few moments there, considered skimming vector art from google images and just blotting out the istock logo.  Now, before you start a big row over this, know that I, too, am an artist and respect people’s work, so all it took was a brief confession to my bestie to put a stop to that.  “Not only is that illegal, it’s unethical, too!”  Aand, how right she is.. 

So, instead, I’m crafting Dollz from free-to-use bases.  Does anyone remember Dollz?  They were big in the early 2000’s?  I used to be way into them and so I guess by incorporating them into my programs, they’ll be even more personal and reflective of our past.  


I’ve been working on them all weekend and so now I’ve got 4/5 of my bridesmaids done, plus my flower-girl.  Here, you can see the finished dollz along the top and the bases that they started from below: 


The real fun starts when I try to make the Groomsmen using the same base… oi. Credit for these bases (in case you’d like to try your hand at making your own) goes to Mariii’s Dolls House

The more I work on them, the more I think I’ll like it.  It’s so much more personalized than the silly silhouettes.  I have made each one reflective of the style of the woman it’s representing, and I was able to illustrate the bridesmaid’s dresses as well as the dress my little flower girl is going to wear.  I think that turns the programs into keepsakes for the people featured on them 🙂 

Jeff and I have gone over the ceremony, the program, etc.  He figured out groomsman gifts today and we got a lot of the requirements wrapped up for the tux rentals.  Tomorrow, I’ve got to call the tux shop because we paid for shoes and left them at the store.  We’re just a touch scatter-brained, I suppose. We are comfortable with each other, though–we’re not arguing one bit over wedding details–not like on the shows.  Yes, it’s stressful trying to get everything done, but at the end of the day–it’s just a party.  It’s just a grand celebration so that we can shout to the rooftops that we love each other, and then dance around with our friends and family. ❤ It’s not worth fighting over. 


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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Some days, I hate that quote because it is so completely negative and leaves no wiggle room for recovery.  But most of the time it comes true.

This last weekend, I went to a big party with Rah-rah and it was a few days filled with chocolatey trail-mix, huge breakfasts, mini-doughnuts, cheese-curds, and alcohol.  Even when we made it home, dinner was a pizza with soda.  My body was practically SCREAMING for something healthy.

Last night, we decided to walk to the grocery store because I had reached my breaking point and I needed an apple.  Stat. I also needed some fresh air too.  When we got to the store, they didn’t have the awesome Honey Crisp apples as I was expecting, but I found a couple good Fuji apples that suited my needs nicely. 

I don’t have a menu and we didn’t go grocery shopping for supplies.  Rah-rah’s car is broken down,  our room is a mess, we need to do laundry and work has been very busy after the long weekend.  Given that, I’ll be hard-pressed to meet my goals for the week to have a healthy menu and get in some exercise… But, I’ve got a plan:

– On the way home tonight, I’ll pick up a new battery for Rah-rah’s car.
–  Dinner tonight = Spaghetti Squash with Supreme Lean Ground Beef and Classico Tomato Basil Spaghetti Sauce.  This will come together in under 20 minutes.
–  Rah-rah and I will also tackle the pile-o-laundry that seemed to appear out of nowhere upon our return from vacation. 
–  While waiting for the laundry to finish, I will install the battery in Rah-rah’s car and hope that it fixes the problem.  If not, we may have to make a few trips to the auto-parts store.  If this wraps up quickly, maybe he and I can play some frisbee or ladder ball.
– Lastly, after switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I can sit down to work on the rest of the week’s menu.

This will all work, as long as I cancel the social plans that I had for this evening.

Ah, the joys of responsibility 🙂  I’ll be sure to take pictures and report back on how it goes.  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and that your Tuesday is shaping up nicely.