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Hope for Roy – Please reblog

I’m usually driving the chase car.  For a majority of my life, I’ve been around motorcycles and bikers.  I would beg and cajole my dad to take me for rides around the block, and (before laws became more strict, or maybe he just didn’t follow them) he would sit me on his lap right by the tank of his Goldwing and take me for a ride.  I remember when I was finally big enough to reach the pegs and we went for our first ride that actually had some distance–there was ice cream involved.

Fast forward to adult-hood and I’ve been an active supporter of Motorcycle Rights.  I’ve lobbied at the state capitol, met with senators and congressmen to urge them to increase penalties for failure-to-yield the right of way/careless driving.  It’s not right that a person who knocks down a stop-sign has the same penalties as a person who hits and seriously injures or kills a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcyclist.

It is in this vein, then, that I ask for your help.  I am not asking you to lobby, I’m bringing the reality home.  A friend of a friend, Roy Rennhack, recently passed away due to injuries sustained in an accident caused by a failure to yield the right of way.

Rothschild Police Sergeant Kevin Ostrowski confirmed the crash happened at about 7:10 p.m. According to the preliminary investigation, Roy Rennhack, 26, was driving on Highway 51 at the intersection of Imperial Avenue when a pickup truck driven by a 17-year-old turned left in front of the motorcycle. Rennhack was taken to Aspirus Wausau Hospital with critical injuries, authorities said.

Police said Rennhack was wearing a helmet. No citations have been issued and the crash remains under investigation.

Roy was air-lifted to a nearby trauma center where he remained in critical condition.  He was admitted to the intensive care unit, and stayed in a medically-induced coma in an attempt to help him heal.  He lost the fight, though, and passed away on October 15th.

There are two ways that you can help the Rennhack family, and friends of Roy, cope with this tragedy–this senseless loss.  If you are of the generous type, please donate to Hope for Roy.  The family will be buried under medical bills for a long time to come.  It’s enough of a tragedy to lose the one you love, but the hardship is compounded when the rest of your life may be lost under medical debt.

If you are the generous type, but cannot afford to donate at this time, that’s okay, too.  Please re-blog this post, please share the news with your friends and family.  Perhaps it will be read by someone with the ability and the generosity to make a dent in the medical bills.

Please also share this as a reminder to all to pay attention when you are driving.  A motorcycle is smaller than other vehicles and so it’s easy to misjudge the speed or distance.  Always look twice, and wait it out.  Make sure you know what a motorcyclist is doing before you do what you’re doing.  Share the road. Like they always say, it’s better to show up late than never–the only difference that waiting a few seconds is going to make is that it can avoid an accident, and everyone can get to where they’re going safely.

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Share the Road – It went well!

So, my mom and I are both members of A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota (American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education), and, in cooperation with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, we put together an hour long “Share the Road” session to share with our colleagues here at work.

We had about 30 people attend and we used a PowerPoint slide to highlight the things we were speaking about.  We also included 3 condensed videos published by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and by the Department of Public Safety in Illinois.

The feedback that we received about the class has been tremendous and the buzz that I am hearing in the hallways (and the bathrooms) has been great–folks talking about how “I didn’t know bicycles could ride on the road–I’ll have to watch closer!” and “Motorcycles can fit in a blind spot no wider than a pencil?  I never knew…”

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What I’m Digging Wednesday

Fidget toy - mini slinky

Navel Oranges - feels like summer


Motorcycle Weather

And one thing I’m not digging:


I was startled to look up and see this spider on my wall last night.  I found out by searching the interwebz (namely, that this ‘beaut is apparently a “Parson’s Spider.”  Once I read a little bit more about it, it was less er.. scary? Repulsive?  Apparently this little guy hunts by crawling on the ground and overpowering its prey.  What’s more is that its prey is usually other spiders.  The best part is that they do not spin webs to catch their food–so no messy cob webs to deal with. 🙂  I’m glad I didn’t squash him!  Now if only he’ll stay out of sight, out of mind…