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Microblogging wins again…

As the past couple of months have not been very exciting, I’ve taken to microblogging on Facebook and sharing my photos there. ¬†And why shouldn’t I, after all, since most of my readers are my friends as well ūüôā

Today is my brother’s 23rd birthday and he’s entering his new year as an engaged man! The woman that he loves has stolen the hearts of every member of my family and I am *so* looking forward to calling her sister-in-law. ¬†The two of them together just embody hard work, determination, financial savvy, and a heavy dose of love, silliness, light-hearted fun, and generosity.

My sister and her husband recently acquired a dog, I swear that they couldn’t be happier. ¬†Although Darwin gave me a taste of just how much work dogs can be, it seems like he’s actually a good boy and a great fit for the family. ¬†They have news of their own, but it’s not ‘facebook official’ quite yet, so I won’t be sharing it here. ¬†We have friends in common, after all.

Jeff and I went ‘facebook official’ with our own news last weekend. ¬†Part of why things have been so mum around here is because I’ve been sitting on my hands lest I write something too telling* or let the secret out too soon. We started letting the news out with a trickle.. first Jeff’s brother, then my parents, his parents, my siblings, his best friend, then mine.. and now the floodgates are open and we made the scary, nerve wracking, world-shifting, exciting ¬†announcement that we’re expecting again. ¬†Our little rainbow-baby is due at the end of September. ¬†We managed to wait ~13 weeks this time before spilling the news. ¬†Now we’re giddy, anxious, and excited.

I think that one of the funnest things to come of this development is that Jeff has taken to¬†practicing his dad jokes. ¬†One of my favorites that he came up with has to do with who is the best at hiding, and the response (while pointing to himself) is disguise (pronounced: “this guy”).

There have been a lot of changes on the fitness front, as well, ones that I hope to catalogue as time goes on.  I am really interested in getting back into blogging, and so I will queue up the next post to talk about some of those changes.

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Guess who is almost 240 again? :(

I have a scale in my bathroom and, occasionally, I will weigh myself to make sure that things aren’t getting totally out of hand. Well, I’ve been hovering around 233 for the longest time. ¬†I was STUNNED to step on the scale this morning and see 237.6. ¬†I’m so distraught. ¬†I don’t know of any solid reason for what feels like such a sudden gain. ¬†Sure–I could cover it with a blanket statement about holidays, but I really didn’t feel that off the rails this season. ¬† What’s more is that I’ve actually worked out 3x so far this week with a 4th planned for later today.

There’s nothing to it but to do it, though.. here’s to starting over. ¬†Again. ūüė¶


I’ve already got Iaido to keep me busy on Wednesdays and Saturdays. ¬†I’m adding more workouts throughout the week, and I need to track again for a while. ¬†Tracking is going to include measuring until I can actually fit into my jeans again. ¬†This is a bit ridiculous.