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A little sunshine, a little fresh air, a lot of happiness

Sunshine and fresh air can’t fix everything, but it can sure recharge your store of feel-good chemicals and put a brighter spin on things.


Things at work are getting better, in the sense that things have returned to the status quo, until more news comes out.

Since the weather has improved so much, I’ve been making an effort to get outside and go for more walks.


Winter in Minnesota is a time to hunker down and hibernate. The lack of Sun slows metabolism, increases melatonin, and generally causes the inhabitants to retreat into a quiet, somber ‘survival mode,’ until the sun decides to show itself again. 

As a sufferer of SAD I can honestly say that my mood has improved exponentially with the weather.


Even the hubby notices.  I gravitate towards healthier foods–reveling in the fruits and vegetables of the season before I’m forced all too soon back to the dreary canned and frozen varieties of winter.


This week we’ve been eating summer squash, zucchini, crimini mushrooms, and watermelon.  Today, I was able to have spinach and tomato diced into my omelet.

This afternoon, I was able to get out for a 1.34 mile walk in the sunshine (as tracked my Map My Fitness.


I guess what this entire entry is trying to say is this: MegsFitness is back. Fresh food, fitness, motivation… It’s on, and it feels so good to be back!

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New Grocery Store: Research Pays Off!

Turns out that when you do the research, it pays off!  As you may recall, I posted a few tips about “Optimizing the grocery shopping experience.”  In that entry, I recommended planning ahead, calling ahead, consulting the ad and being flexible.  I put those tips into practice this last week and had a much more successful shopping trip:

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! I walked through the doors on Monday evening, the best day that the grocer said to go shopping.  Lo and behold: the shelves were fully stocked!! Everything I could want! Or need!

Since it was a brand new store, they had what I considered to be an “odd” layout.  Conveniently, they provide store maps right at the front of the door, which I’m sure will help once I actually take the time to consult it.  They also had a variety of other materials available such as the in-store ad, the neighborhood mailer, a nutritional IQ guide, and some bonus coupons.

The Cub Foods that I visited had the first aisle leading to the produce section stocked with the ad items and so I was able to check off a few items from my list before ever getting very far into the store.

I had an easy time finding the produce, meat and diary, but I had a harder time finding the other pantry staples.  They have more than one row of aisles and you cannot see what is in the second row from the first.  I think this is where the map will come in handy.  I made more than one zig-zag across the store as I sought out coffee filters, toothpaste, and garbage bags.

Over all, I think I’m going to like my new store.