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What are they feeding our chickens?!


When Jeff and I went shopping recently, we bought lots and lots of fruits and veggies and we also stocked up on boneless skinless chicken since it was on sale.  The package above, for example, was just under 4 pounds for just under $7.  Sweet!  When I bought it, though I knew I’d have to trim them down into a more reasonable portion.

When trimming chicken down to size, I like to cover my food scale with either press-n-seal because it doesn’t tend to get as slimy as naked glass.  Anyway… I threw the first breast on the scale to see how much it weighed so that I knew how many portions to get out of it, and I was kind of shocked:


That’s 20.11oz, people!!  That’s 1 1/4 pounds! For ONE breast!! Now, I’m really glad that they’ve started giving serving sizes in ounces because that is ridiculous.  Can you imagine if we still thought that the serving size was one breast?  HA.

Now, I’ve been avoiding buying giant apples, giant oranges, and giant chicken for a while now, but this was on sale and we’re on a budget. I scrutinized the package and it said hormone free, minimally processed, no water added.  So how the hell did they get so big??  The contributors at Chow Hound suggest that it’s selective breeding to meet the American White-Meat taste.  They insist that since hormones are illegal that there can’t be hormones in the food that is fed to chickens that are bound for consumption…

But as I slice up a chicken breast historically meant for one and I can get 4+ portions out of it… I just begin to wonder just what it’s made of and what we’re eating… start the following video at :28 and you’ll have the answer–