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Share the Road – It went well!

So, my mom and I are both members of A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota (American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education), and, in cooperation with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, we put together an hour long “Share the Road” session to share with our colleagues here at work.

We had about 30 people attend and we used a PowerPoint slide to highlight the things we were speaking about.  We also included 3 condensed videos published by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and by the Department of Public Safety in Illinois.

The feedback that we received about the class has been tremendous and the buzz that I am hearing in the hallways (and the bathrooms) has been great–folks talking about how “I didn’t know bicycles could ride on the road–I’ll have to watch closer!” and “Motorcycles can fit in a blind spot no wider than a pencil?  I never knew…”

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