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Music, Music, Music…

So, FamilyHaikus posted an interesting plea for help this evening.  She’s facing a mid-life musical crisis as she fights to stay relevant with her kids.  So, being a 20-something, I felt compelled to try to help.  NOW! The thing is, I’ve been an avid Pandora fan for almost ever so I’m not so sure who all the new boy bands are or why people like Justin Bieber at all.


What I *do* know, though, is that I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music that I think most people would appreciate.  Hey, if I can teach my niece how to predict the drop in dubstep, I think I can still recommend some pretty good tracks.. Here goes nothin:

BONUS TRACK (just because it’s playing on my station right now):

[Nero – Guilt – Dubstep]

[James Todd – Quiet Beauty – Classical]

[Infected Mushroom – The Rat – Electronica]

[Phillip Phillips – Home – Country (though he’s technically classfied as Rock]

[Walk Off The Earth – Gang of Rhythm – Indie]

[Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire – R&B, hip hop]

[La Roux – Bulletproof (Dave Aude’s Cherry Mix) – Synthpop]

[Lindsey Stirling – Elements – Dubstep]

[Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover) – Radioactive – Indie Rock/Acoustic/Dubstep]

[Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us – Hip Hop]

[Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise – Sadcore]

[LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem – Dance Pop]

[Florence + The Machine – Seven Devils – Baroque Pop/Rock]

[Mumford & Sons – The Cave – Bluegrass]

[Adele – One and Only – Soul]

BONUS Tracks:
[Adele – Rolling in the Deep – Soul, Pop]

[Adele – Crazy for You – Soul]


So, what are your favorite songs today?  Give a shout out to your favorite artist/song down below 🙂

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New Fitness Center!

Over the weekend I:

– walked in the Heart Walk

– threw a party (where myself, Jeff, my step-dad, his daughter and my friend were the only ones to show up–woo hoo more food for us!)

– received a 45lb kitchen cart in the mail and watched Jeff put it together

– started playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time

– logged a couple hours on Aion

Oh yeah, and I WORKED OUT!

The new gym is pretty awesome for being at an apartment complex.  The old home gym was a rickety treadmill stuffed into a storage locker with a couple of hand weights just for fun.

I started out on the treadmill.  It has been a *long* time since I have had a good work out.  I wanted to be conscious of that, but at the same time, I wanted a sweat-huff-and-puff workout.

One of the cool things is that I was the only one working out.  There are two tv’s and one remote so I got to pick what I wanted to watch.  No compromise 😉  I tried setting it to HGTV, channel 229, but one TV changed to channel 2 (public programming) and the other changed to 29 (fox).  I tried to change it again and I was foiled yet again!  The technology was telling me that I was there to work out, not vege out…

Hint taken, I mashed the buttons on the treadmill and started my cardio workout.  Some beeps and boops and I was gripping the heart rate monitor and off with a steady stride.  The idea of a cardio program on a treadmill is that it lets you set your own pace, say, 3.5 mph, and then it raises the incline until your heart rate meets the desired level.

Well, I don’t know if my heart rate was good or bad, but the incline got up to 13.5% before jabbed the down arrow and reigned it in.  I lasted about 15 minutes and then decided that the treadmill was too intense for me.

I switched to an elliptical for another 15 minutes and enjoyed the view outside almost as much as the view on the TV.  I had found a show on DIY where a guy remodeled a room to be ‘strong and manly’ but ended up looking like a hodge podge of reclaimed (read: garage sale quality) greek artifacts (read: plastercast).  I was done with my cardio and done with TV, so it was off to the free weights!

If you will allow me to admit… I adore working out to Dub Step.  A half hour flew by like mad.  I have been thinking about photographers for the wedding and it kind of solidified for me that photos are for. freaking. EVAR.

In that respect, I knew that I needed to work on my arms like whoa.  I started on the 5-way cable machine and did some “lat” pull downs (I did the pull-downs to the front).  Next, I did tricep kickbacks with a dumbbell.  I used a 15 to do some tricep skull crushers on a bench.  It must have been tricep day…I took it to the mat and did my crunches with a ball.  Out of nowhere, I decided it would be fun to throw the medicine ball into the air as if I were setting a volleyball.. So that was a thing.  After that, I attempted to do some push ups, but those were verreh verreh difficult, even doing them in a modified position.

Arms Workout: 

– Lat Pulldowns

– Tricep Kickbacks

– Skull Crushers

– Crunches w/ a medicine ball

– Medicine ball sets

– push-ups

Lather, rinse, repeat–3x.