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An ode to Gloria: the kindest friend

A while back, when I took a trip to Montana, I posted on Facebook how important it is to tell your family that you love them.  My friend Eli turned it into a speech and convinced me to tell my friends, too.  Usually it goes unspoken, or said in passing, but I take one of my friends for granted, and I had a very hard conversation with her earlier this week that could’ve changed the course of our friendship.  But, you see, Glo is better than that, and so this post is dedicated to her.


This is my friend, Gloria. She’s going to be a mom soon, and her life is probably flipping up side down. She’s so very excited, and I can’t be happier for her and her husband.


Me and Gloria have been friends since high school. Back then, I was friends with her now-husband, Mike, and so Gloria and I were in the same circles.  Mike and I were dirty minded dorks, but I always just remember Glo being sweet and funny. She was never the type to get into any trouble.

She’s still not.  We used to be roommates, and at the time, I think I underestimated how good of a friend she was. It took a few impromptu parties, many walks to the gas station, getting snowed in, and watching lots of “So You Think You Can Dance” before I understood that she’s a keeper.  I made a lot of happy memories when me and Jeff lived with Gloria and Mike.


Somewhere along the line, she decided that I was a keeper too.  She shares her life with me, the good news and the bad. She comes over for game nights and invites us out to her place, too. She’s kind, generous, loyal, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her angry.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but she puts up with me and my over-the-top-ness without ever making me feel bad.  I don’t know if I can say the same for her.


I’m judgmental sometimes, and opinionated, and I think Gloria has suffered through those qualities of mine.  She must see something more to me than my flaws, and I can’t thank her enough for it.  When I didn’t have any friends in the world, I still had her.

I’ve been trying to be a better friend over the past few years, and I hope she knows that I don’t mean to take her for granted, and that I won’t any more.

Gloria, you’re a great friend, with so much patience. I am lucky to know you, and I hope that never changes.   Thank you for being you.


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Weekend update

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my strength training in as I had hoped.

Organized accessories using a shower caddy

I did, however, complete 2 written assignments for college, get started on a third, cleaned the whole house (including 5 loads of laundry, excluding the kitchen, which Jeff cleaned), got new glasses,

Taz approved

did the meal planning, grocery shopping, modeled a bridesmaid dress for my long distance bestie, picked up our bikes from the repair shop, and finally got off my feet to play guild wars 2 for a couple hours over the course of the weekend.


Yes, I could’ve worked out instead of spending time on the computer, but I’m a big fan of balance and after so much work, it was time for a recharge.  It was a fantastic weekend and I’ve done enough of the prep work to be ready for Monday when it comes swinging. ūüėÄ

Bring it on.

“I will tickle you all back to health”

“Klonex: Oh my.. I will tickle you all back to health.
Corrderio: Thanks.”

Gamer culture is weird, but that’s probably why I like it. Yesterday, I put in a 14 hour day at work followed by an hour or two of gaming. ¬†I was having back spasms yesterday and that really put a damper on my mood. ¬†Our guild had an event night last night, though, so it was fun to just give in to the distraction.

Warning: neurotoxins can alter reality and produce harmful hallucinations

Yesterday wasn’t all bad, though. ¬†I made it to and from work without incident, had a marginally healthy day, and got to talk to my friend Lyz for about an hour on the phone. ¬†It was really actually pretty good.

Collage 2014-02-22 08_38_34

Today, I’m hitting the books, writing an essay, taking an exam, and hitting the gym.

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Hard truths: a brief on why I need to lose weight

Reason one: Because this view is distracting when I’m trying to study:



Now with problem area highlighted in blue.

Solutions currently in progress:
-fitness 19 membership
-conscious eating
-weight loss support group (online)

I just need to keep working on my solutions and the problems will solve themselves.

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Just tooling around..

I’m such a putz. ¬†Aileen over at Army Pants and Flip Flops posted an entry all about how she used Pinterest as inspiration and organization for her wedding day.¬† The way that I relate to people is to share something about myself that is similar to what they’re sharing. ¬†On paper it sounds find, but in practice it might come off as a bit self-centered. ¬†So what do I do? ¬†I just keep commenting. ¬†No really–like after-thoughts.. I think she ended up with 4 comments from me? Oi oi oi..¬†

In other news… the only thing exciting going on is that work has been crazy as per usual. ¬†We’ve got another batch of new hires and thankfully they’re all showing promise. ¬†There’s a couple of snags that snowballed but we’re working through those. ¬†Learning week is coming up and I’ve got a couple of really promising training classes that I was able to sign up for. ¬†The first is ‘Inclusiveness,’ ¬†which helps to break down the difference between tolerance and acceptance and make it easier to communicate and work with people from varied and diverse backgrounds. ¬†The second is a communications course about inter-generational communication. ¬†There are 4 cohort groups that we work with right now and one of the issues that was a snag and snowball is because one of the older members of my team didn’t take me seriously when I provided guidance. ¬†I’m really looking forward to that class and hope that it’s more up to date. ¬†My god, if they talk down to me as a member of the young-and-entitled cohort, I’m going to walk out. ¬†Because that doesn’t help me to understand the other generations, that just tells me I’m a spoiled brat. ¬†It might be true, but WORK WITH ME, PEOPLE!

Lastly, school is great, but it’s MEA week. ¬†No school tomorrow, so I’m going to take the time to get some of my work out of the way that I’ve been falling behind on… at work. Overtime just isn’t enough time to finish what I need to do.

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Studying: normative influence


“Normative influence occurs when group members are persuaded b4 the knowledge that a majority of group members have a view.”

Pretty interesting reading for class tonight.

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This is the homework police – step away from the internet!!

Facebook, pinterest,, sparkpeople, gmail, pinterest, facebook, oriental trading catalogue, youtube, wordpress…

Nope, I don’t have trouble focusing at. all. …

At least I got it together long enough to dye my hair yesterday.  The highlights were positively atrocious by the time I bought the box and fixed it.  Originally I got the highlights to impress my fiance because he was going to be in the company of comparably more-beautiful women and I wanted to show a little effort.  The subtle caramel highlights that I *asked* for, though, had turned into crazy brassy blonde streaks..

Huh. Twenty minutes later and I’ve got cellphone, facebook, sourcefed, gmail, mspaint, and now back to WordPress. ¬†How’s that studying going?

Oh, yes. I love my “new” (old) hair. ¬†It’s back to my “natural” hair color and I was turning heads at work today. ¬†“There’s something… different… about you…You just seem prettier.”

Anyway.. Work is.. work. ¬†Very busy/frustrating today. ¬†My weekend went very well–most of it was spent watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Netflix with Jeff. ¬†It’d tough to switch from that show to Ringer.. Sarah Michelle Gellar is such a great actress, though, that I can distinguish Buffy from Siobhan from Bridget-playing-Siobhan from Bridget-playing-herself (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar). ¬†Have you seen that show? ¬†It’s pretty good. ¬†Also on Netflix.

The switch back to standard time is helping me to get my sleeping back on track. ¬†Except for the fact that it’s supposed to be 10:30pm according to my internal clock and I’m just kind of wired. ¬†Of course, that might be due to the five laffy taffy’s I just had about 20 minutes ago…

I’m really just off track. ¬†I need to get my sleeping in order so that I can get my fitness in order and if those two fall in line then eating will fall in line naturally. ¬†And then, maybe I can better focus. ¬†And sleep. ¬†And write.

Thanks for reading. ¬†I am sure I will come up with something better for you soon ūüôā


Here’s something better – the latest screenshot from GW2. ¬†There was a halloween event.. I was a ghost–best costume evar.

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Choices: compromise for success

I figured out last night that they shut off the a/c at 8, and the lights at 9. I studied by the glow of my computer until about 9:30 and then called it a night.

Being an adult is hard, lol..

There are days when I kick myself for going to work instead of finishing college first. But, the thing is, I love the work that I do, the people that I work with, and the opportunities that I have to grow and progress in my career. No, it’s not easy to do it all, when¬†it all is so much some times, but I am glad that I have the opportunity to do so, and the support from all of my family and my friends.

I also figured out why freshman gain 15 pounds their first year–“dinner” last night was Nutter Butter Bites and a Pearson’s Nut Roll. ¬†Had I gone home, I would’ve had baked salmon with lemon and pepper, but I also wouldn’t have gotten as much done. ¬†These are the choices we make.