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Finisher shirt Friday


Governor Mark Dayton declared today “Finisher shirt Friday” so myself and a few co workers decided to get in on the fun.  I figure, the more fitness minded people I surround myself with, the better it’ll be.


Today’s tracking was great. I hit the target for all of my macro nutrients. I’m having withdrawals from sweets, though. Today I had very little in the way of refined sugar, and I had massive cravings, got flushed in the face, and developed a headache… But I didn’t give in.  I was at a manager’s desk. I had grabbed a jar of Hershey kisses and pulled one out. I said to myself “what am I doing,” and put it back.  Even though I was still talking to the manager, I decided to start cutting up a green pepper and eating that instead.  Woo! Will power.

Nope. None for me, thanks!


I’m determined to get back to my Warrior self.

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Holidays are over!


Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!!

Are the treats over yet? Hehe.. It’s been two days of absolute joy and I’m so thankful for this life I’m living.

Tuesday, I got up at 6:30 to give Taz his pill, decided to stay up, got sleepy, and went back to bed. I got up at 10 and made a treat for Jeff to make up for not including much in his Christmas stocking..


Chocolate dipped Clementines.  They were super tasty, and Jeff appreciated them.  Breakfast was French toast with honey and we watched (UK) Top Gear for a couple hours. It was just cool 🙂


We opened stockings. Jeff got me a glass water bottle and local honey from the Co-op. I got him a leather bound copy of The Art of War and the chocolate oranges. We shared everything 🙂

That night, it was The Christmas Story And carols at a friends house. We got socks, hats, and classic candy as gifts, but the people were gift enough. It was really a lovely time to just sit and visit with our good friend and our once-a-year friends at the party.

Enter Christmas day!! It was pretty much the opposite of the above. We didn’t get to sleep in or watch TV at home…it was, however, quite lovely.


My brother insisted that we get to his house at 7am. I woke up at 5:30, for some reason, and we left at 6:40. We were nearly to my brother’s place when we realized that we forgot something and had to go all the way back home. We finally made it out there, though, and got to chill with Mike and Steph until Mom and Keith arrived.


We lost track of time, but eventually we ended up at my Grandma’s house for Christmas dinner. I didn’t over eat too terribly, but I’m glad we didn’t bring left overs home 😀 The did was too good to resist!  My Mom and grandma did a great job.


With that  I’m off to the land of nod. I snuck in a 50-squat challenge and fully anticipate hitting the gym tomorrow 🙂

Welcome back: let’s do this.

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I dream’t of a s’more…

When I was growing up, one of my very favorite things to do was to go camping and to roast marshmallows. And of course, to squash those marshmallows between chocolate and graham crackers. And, once finished in marveling at my masterpiece, my next favorite thing to do would be to bite into the s’more so that chips of graham cracker fell by the wayside, marshmallow stuck to my cheeks and chocolate melted onto my tongue. Oh to be a kid again.

When I got my first apartment, I figured out that if you microwave a marshmallow for about 10 seconds, it gets gooey and you can make make-shift s’mores.
In my 3rd apartment, my roomies knew how to grill and I figured out that s’mores made over charcoal are distinctly different than s’mores made over a campfire.
Propane is not an option.
Neither, really, is making them over a gas range.

I love s’mores so much that I was trying to think of a way to incorporate them into our WEDDING for goodness sake!

This weekend, I was having a few people over and I wanted to serve s’mores for dessert. I didn’t want to take the time to microwave marshmallows in front of my guests, because something about that just felt unrefined. As I went to sleep thinking on it, there came to me a glorious idea–S’mores in a muffin tin!


In my dream, I just crumbled graham crackers into the bottom of the cups and then put a marshmallow and chocolate on top.

In the cruel light of day, that did not work, but I had a dream! It must be pursued!

I found a recipe for a graham cracker crust online and that did the trick for me… I topped THAT with a marshmallow and a milk-chocolate saddle, then gave it a graham cracker crust hat. I baked at 350 for 25 minutes. Somewhere between the idea and the end result, the marshmallow disappeared, but the final product was still a scrumptious offering. The next time I try these, I may have to tweak the recipe a bit. When I find one that works better, I will definitely share it with you:

S’mores in a Muffin Tin


1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup sugar

1 egg

1-2 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups flour

3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs

1 tsp baking powder


chocolate bars


1) Set the Marshmallow and the Chocolate aside for now, we’ll come back to that.

2) Cream together butter and both kinds of sugar

3) beat in egg & vanilla (NOTE: you can do this with a fork, but a mixer would probably be easier)

4) In a separate bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.

5) Mix the dry and the wet ingredients until you have a well-combined crumbly crust.

6) Prepare the muffin pan with cooking spray so that the cups don’t stick.  Don’t use muffin paper.

7) Take some dough and roll a ball about 1″ or so in diameter and then press into the bottom of each muffin cup

8) Put 1 marshmallow (regular sized) and 1/4 Chocolate Bar (if you’re using Hershey’s, it’s about 3 small rectangles worth) in each muffin cup.

9) Top each one with a graham cracker “hat” (play patty-cake with the dough-ball to flatten it out just like the bottom crust

10) Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, or until the crust firms up.  The cups remove easily once they are cooled.

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End of the week: Ramblings of a Sweets Addict

So, this week’s menu was only used for 3 days so far this week.  Jeff and I went to a Happy Hour after work last night and so the Roommates ordered Pizza instead of cooking Italian Chicken.  I think my favorite recipe from the week, so far, has been the Enchiladas.  I loved everything about them, and the recipe made so much that if we repeat it while it’s just Jeff and I, then it would count as batch cooking, lol!  The garden vegetable tortellini was my second favorite, and the amount that that made is more reasonable for a 2-person household.

Now that the recap is out of the way, does anyone know how to beat an “addiction” to sweets?  I watched a short clip (just now) from “Dr.” Oz and some of what he mentioned makes sense, but some of it felt a bit sensationalized.  Hypnosis as the only way to beat emotional eating? There’s GOT to be a better way! (Or at least, a different one).

I think, more than emotional eating, these days, that I am eating out of habit.  Oh, I woke up and it’s morning time–Gotta eat!  It’s my lunch break at 12:30! Time to eat.  I’m home from work, must be time to eat.   And hand-in-hand with that are my snacks.. kind of pre-programmed.  Morning break at work – snack time! Afternoon break at work – Snack time!  I’m done eating dinner – Snack time!  And more often than not these days, snacks are cheetos and hershey’s. =/

This morning I was thinking about a parenting practice back in the day where if you caught your kid smoking, you’d make them smoke the whole entire pack, and they’d get so sick that they’d never touch another pack of cigarettes.  For a moment, I considered eating a whole bag of chocolate just so that I’d never want it again.  The problem with that solution, though, is that I doubt it’ll work.  I already eat chocolate every day, not because it’s so damn good that I can’t put it down, but because it’s now what I am “programmed” to do.

Perhaps the solution, then, is to gradually re-program myself.  Is there a sweet treat that you like that would make a good substitute for chocolate or other sugary foods?  I’m not keen on vegetables, but perhaps if I forced myself to eat more of them my palette could change.

Well, I’ve got school in a couple hours, and some big plans after that, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m just going to have to ponder this subject for a while.