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Goat Cheese, Lentil and Brown Rice Rolls

Goat Cheese, Lentil and Brown Rice Rolls by Giada De Laurentiis featured on Giada at Home on the Food Network.

Woo hoo! I’m continuing my adventures in new food with Goat Cheese, Lentils and Mint.  I think I’m going to add Brown Rice to my list of new foods because I hadn’t had it before the healthy eating program started at work last year… yep yep yep! 

Lessee… Mr. and Mrs. Roomie sorted out the lentils… had them cleaned and rinsed and simmering before I got home from work.  When I got home, I teamed up with Mrs. Roomie to finish up the rest of the meal.  The chard (‘nother new food!) that I bought on Sunday, though, was all limp and sad looking.  Awwe… poutface. My grandma taught me a trick, though, that you can re-crisp greens by putting them in ice water.  I went one step further and put them in ice water and then into the freezer while we took care of the other greens.  Mrs. Roomie chopped up the arugula and I chopped upEverybody in!the mint.  Gosh! It calls for half-cup of chopped mint and I honestly think it was way too much… Also–I think I bought brown lentils instead of green ones. Not sure what the difference is…

We mixed everything up in the bowl then pulled the chard out of the freezer… removed the center stem, sliced them in half, filled them with the mixture and rolled them up.  Popped them into the oven for about 30 minutes or so… and then stared at the mess of mixture that we had left over.

We used the ratios that were mentioned in the recipe, but we went wrong some where because we only had enough chard for 6 rolls but we had enough mix for about 2-3 more batches than the one we made. I tried to get creative by putting cheese on top and then popping that in the oven for a bit… but really, it didn’t work.  Mr. Roomie followed a waste-not-want-not idea and used the left over mixture as a chip-dip.  Hey! Whatever floats your boat, right? Now our house smells like a high-end Italian restaurant.. Yep–we’re the ones stinking up the building’s hallways. Guilty as charged and unashamed!  It was a delicious meal! 3 out of 4 roomies liked it.  Mrs. Roomie bought dinner from the gas station.

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Recipe: New Orleans Style Stuffed Peppers

So, instead of skipping my workout and going home to make dinner tonight, I stayed at work and did a Zumba DVD.  Before I went, though, I e-mailed the recipe for tonight’s dinner to Rah-rah and asked if he could make it happen.  Mr. Roomie got home before Rah-rah did though, so Mr. Roomie made it instead.  It was pretty tasty and really filling! One problem, though: he didn’t cook any of the filling =P he just kind of mixed, stuffed and baked and cut out the first few steps.  Lucky enough it was alright in the end 😀 45 minutes at 350 still cooks it alright.  Next time will be EVEN Better!

New Orleans Style Stuffed Peppers
1 package sausage, diced2+ cups brown rice
3 jalepenos, diced
1 medium onion, diced
3-4 cloves garlic, diced
1-2 Table Spoons EVOO
Move the oven rack to the middle of the oven and preheat to 350.
1) Prepare brown rice per directions on the box (make at least 2 cups.. can make extra as a side-dish if desired)
2) while rice is cooking, dice sausages, garlic, onion and jalepenos and heat in a skillet with a little bit of EVOO
NOTE:  use the food-processor to dice to save time and teary eyes while dicing ingredients.  Remember to remove seeds from jalepeno unless you want us to be mad at you for making it too hot =P (food processor is in the cupboard above the fridge.  Good luck.)
3) Once rice is done, mix 2 cups rice with diced ingredients.
4) Cut the tops off of the bell peppers, de-seed and de-vein.
5) Stuff the peppers with the mixture and bake in a cake-pan or appropriate container at 350 for 30-45 minutes or until the bell pepper is done.
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Menu Making: Giada and EatBetterAmerica

I had a hard time coming up with ideas for dinner today so I put it out on Facebook and Bloop that I was trying to plan a menu and asked for people to chip in ideas.  I knew I wanted to make Momma’s Chili, but then I got recommendations for a few things from and from  At the grocery store, I got (among other things) brown rice, arugula, goat cheese, green lentils, mint, diced tomatoes, jalepeños, zucchini, pears, bananas, mushrooms, chocolate, etc.  I have all of the ingredients to make everything on my dinner menu, plus healthy snacks, breakfasts and lunches for later in the week. 

This week, we’re having all of the following:

The ‘healthified chicken skillet’ was pretty tasty.  Basically just cook chicken in a fry-pan with olive oil, salt and pepper then slice zucchini and cook in the same pan.  It was pretty tasty and came together really quickly.  Eat Better America was already linked above, so check it out–you can sort recipes by calorie count, prep time or meal type.  I like it so far.

I am really excited about the apples that Mr. and Mrs. Roomie picked up, though.  They went to an orchard today and brought home the first round of Honey Crisp apples.  Mrs. Roomie is looking around for an ‘Apple Crumble Pie’ recipe, but I’m not sure what she’s talking about so I can’t help her with that.  I just want to eat them straight-up and delicious.

I’m also excited to try a couple recipes up there.  Almost every one is new.  I’ve got 4 jalepeños to use… I haven’t quite decided if I’ll use them in the chili or if I’ll save them for the spicy Mexican dish on Friday.  I’m just excited to get cooking 😀

Tomorrow starts Phase 1, Week 2, Day 1 so I should go finish drinking my water and get some sleep 🙂