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What the what, Weight Watchers?

Is it just me, or does eating clean really not jive with Weight Watchers Points Plus?

Most of the recommendations and recipes that I’ve come across call for low fat, reduced fat, low calorie…. chemically processed crap.  Their “cheese slices” melt in the refrigerator.  Or maybe I got a bad batch, I dunno, but I like to eat real food, in lesser quantities.

In other news… I’m still addicted to high fat, high sugar foods.  

Confession: I went to Arby’s the other day… the speaker to take the order was completely pummeled.  That was flag 1 that I didn’t need to be there, but I ordered Mozzarella sticks anyway.  I pulled up to the window and it was 3x more expensive than anticipated–flag 2.  He passed me the cheese sticks and they fell all over… onto the floor boards of my car and everything…. 

The reason I use ‘addicted’ is because that didn’t stop me… I figured I had recently cleaned my car and so the five second rule applied.  

the five second rule applied.

Lowest of the low.  So, I’m staying on Weight Watchers just to make sure that I stay aware of my choices.  Eat real food, just eat less of it.