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Happy Monday!!

I meant to write more over the weekend, but the days just got away from me.

So much so, in fact, that I woke up this morning thinking (hoping?) That today was Sunday.


For Valentine’s, not to beat a dead horse, but, I was one if those people in line at the last minute picking out a card. I know it’s contrived, but I like celebrating love. We don’t make a big   fuss, but just a little something.


I ended up buying him a saucy birthday card, abd crossing out “biryhday” and writing “Valentine’s” hehe. I also snagged him a new mug since his favorite one recently shattered.


What’s cute, is that he actually does give up his coffee for me some days. And he’s the one to be a pot 90% of the time.

Love is not something I’ve ever been without, because my mom is a total sweet heart. I got her the same mug as Jeff, and she bought us chocolates and a sweet-as-honey card.


Anyway.. that brings us to today: Snow Drama, Monday edition.


I woke up to big fat snow flakes falling heavily this morning, blanketing the road like thick butter cream icing.  My commute was really good, considering the conditions. I know the plows were out, but they couldn’t keep up with the snow. My car was pulled to the side every time my wheels came again the resistance of packed snow that didn’t go in the direction I was going (think intersections, merging on the highway, changing lanes..).  What doubles the frustration is that I was supposed to have the day off.


The good news is that the bosses sprung for breakfast and lunch, AND, it was healthy. Thank goodness!  What’s even better, is these same bosses cleared off everyone’s cars when the snow stopped so that when we went home, we wouldn’t have to.

I should mention, I don’t work for a small company. There were a lot of cats to clear! It was their way of saying “thank you” and they did it with a smile:


After work, I was able to get the grocery shopping done. I keep seeing it all over the place, so I actually picked up some Brussels sprouts to roast tonight. I also nabbed some fruit that week be quick and easy for grab-n-go snacking this week.  Plus: it’s a super nice splash of color in an otherwise blah landscape. Can winter be done now? ╮(╯▽╰)╭


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Fall is here! It’s apple time! (mini apple pie recipe)


It’s officially fall in Minnesota, and what better way to kick off the season than to go to the apple orchard?  My niece called me this morning and got my bum out of bed for a last-minute invite to the orchard.  Mine and my sisters’ misters couldn’t come, so it was just a girls day down on the farm.


I had never been to an orchard before (to the best of my knowledge) so it was quite a fun experience to buy our little bags and then go pick apples fresh off the trees.  Honestly, I’ve been drawing apple trees wrong the whole time.  They do not have tall trunks and bushy tops with apples dotted along the outside.  These apple trees had short trunks with sprawling limbs that nearly (and sometimes *did*) reach the ground.

With my haul, I decided to make mini apple pies for Jeff and I.  The types of apples we got to pick were “Haralson” which were small and kind of tart.  They were zippy!  My opinion of Haralson is that they are good for baking, but need a little help from sweeteners (white or brown sugar), but they would be good for snacking on with some honey or melted caramel. Mmm!

The best part about tagging along is that I got to tell my niece one of my favorite clean jokes:  What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?  … Finding half-a-worm in your apple!



Megan’s Healthy Apple Pie:

2 cups flour
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup milk


Mix together flour, oil, and milk with a fork until it starts to hold together in little balls/crumbles–don’t over-work it!  Use your hands to form it into 2, 3, 4–however many crusts you would like.  Roll out between sheets of wax paper. Use a cutter of appropriate size to form mini crusts or just use a regular sized pie tin.  Make sure you have enough crust to cover your pie.

If you are making mini pies, dice the apples so that you can fit quite a bit into each cup.  If you are making a regular pie, slice however you like.

“Season” with cinnamon and sugar to taste.  Top apples with a small pat of butter… maybe 1/2 teaspoon per mini pie.  Use a couple teaspoons of butter for a full-sized pie. Just eyeball it, it’s just to keep things moist and provide that hint-of-butter taste.

Top with the remaining crust(s), brush with a little bit of butter (just enough to glaze the top of the crust) and sprinkle with more cinnamon.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Serve with ice cream (vanilla bean or caramel would be superb!) and enjoy!

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No Groceries, no good

I’m learning yet again that if I shirk my duties on the weekend, the following week ends up miserable.  I have yet to go grocery shopping for the week and so I am spending money every day (that I shouldn’t be) making up for that fact.  Why don’t I just swing by and grab the staple items, at the very least?!  I think I will do that tonight.  In the mean time, I have learned that Apple Fritters have 15 points plus.

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Some days, I hate that quote because it is so completely negative and leaves no wiggle room for recovery.  But most of the time it comes true.

This last weekend, I went to a big party with Rah-rah and it was a few days filled with chocolatey trail-mix, huge breakfasts, mini-doughnuts, cheese-curds, and alcohol.  Even when we made it home, dinner was a pizza with soda.  My body was practically SCREAMING for something healthy.

Last night, we decided to walk to the grocery store because I had reached my breaking point and I needed an apple.  Stat. I also needed some fresh air too.  When we got to the store, they didn’t have the awesome Honey Crisp apples as I was expecting, but I found a couple good Fuji apples that suited my needs nicely. 

I don’t have a menu and we didn’t go grocery shopping for supplies.  Rah-rah’s car is broken down,  our room is a mess, we need to do laundry and work has been very busy after the long weekend.  Given that, I’ll be hard-pressed to meet my goals for the week to have a healthy menu and get in some exercise… But, I’ve got a plan:

– On the way home tonight, I’ll pick up a new battery for Rah-rah’s car.
–  Dinner tonight = Spaghetti Squash with Supreme Lean Ground Beef and Classico Tomato Basil Spaghetti Sauce.  This will come together in under 20 minutes.
–  Rah-rah and I will also tackle the pile-o-laundry that seemed to appear out of nowhere upon our return from vacation. 
–  While waiting for the laundry to finish, I will install the battery in Rah-rah’s car and hope that it fixes the problem.  If not, we may have to make a few trips to the auto-parts store.  If this wraps up quickly, maybe he and I can play some frisbee or ladder ball.
– Lastly, after switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I can sit down to work on the rest of the week’s menu.

This will all work, as long as I cancel the social plans that I had for this evening.

Ah, the joys of responsibility 🙂  I’ll be sure to take pictures and report back on how it goes.  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and that your Tuesday is shaping up nicely.