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Breakfast: first day of tracking


In addition to my cup of coffee, I picked up two ham and egg breakfast sandwiches. One isn’t enough and two is too much, so I compromised by throwing out the bun on each one.  That should help ūüôā


I re joined MyFitnessPal, so if you’re on there, add me ūüôā my user name over there is Aminarra.

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Super Adventure Box | GuildWars2

I am slowly starting to get back into Guild Wars 2, after my forced hiatus and subsequent return. ¬†The only down-side is that my mic doesn’t work so I cannot grace the guild with my lovely voice. ¬†The good news, though, is that my headphones themselves work, so at least I can get verbal cues from my team. ¬†It makes running dungeons and stuff a lot easier and it means that I get to be introduced to content that I didn’t know about–like Super Adventure Box: [start this video with the official sound track here:¬†]

Super Adventure Box - "WHAT! HA! Awesome."
Super Adventure Box – “WHAT! HA! Awesome.”

From what I’ve read, Super Adventure Box is supposed to be a virtual reality sim created by one of the engineers in Rata Sum. ¬†It is to-the-bones 8-bit fun, which, is kind of hilarious because my own character and that of my guild-mates are fully fleshed out but our environment is an 8-bit wonderland. Here is a no-spoilers beginning review of the game:

Take this pointy stick
Take this pointy stick

Level 1 starts with a picnic with a princess who is then (predictably) kidnapped–then her handy helper pops up “omg the princess has been kidnapped” and challenges you to find her–arming you with a Pointy Stick! (lol)


My mates were describing it as “Minecrafty” and I thought I kept hearing bits of Mario and Legend of Zelda playing through my headphones. ¬†I was completely enthralled. ¬†What originally started out as an April Fool’s joke turned into an¬†immersive¬†playable game with 3 levels and a final boss. ¬†I haven’t reached the final boss, yet, but needless to say, this portion of Guild Wars 2 is a welcome distraction from the serious warfare going on in Tyria.

Happy Rainbows!
Happy Rainbows!

The game has got all of the old fashioned elements that I appreciate in the 8-bit games including haunting bass lines for dungeon-type areas, and exaggerated elements. ¬†I mean, have you seen the happy cloud above? ¬†It’s ridiculous and I love it. ¬†Haha. ¬†When you kill monsters, break pots, or go flippin tables, you’re awarded with baubles which can be used to buy health potions or better weapons. ¬†The life-bar uses a heart container system and has extra lives available. ¬†Getting food refills your heart containers. ¬†Not jumping into poisoned water or getting hit by enemies ensures you won’t need food… easier said than done.

Infantile Mode - Achievement Unlocked: Baby's First Adventure
Infantile Mode – Achievement Unlocked: Baby’s First Adventure

The part I liked the most was discovered last night–You can play Super Adventure Box by yourself, without a party. ¬†It’s not that I’m being anti-social in an MMO, but sometimes I want to do things that my guildies are not doing at the moment. ¬†Being able to get in a round of Super Adventure Box while they’re off doing an AC run is really liberating. ¬†There are all sorts of secret rooms and easter eggs to discover in this portion of the game, so if you haven’t already–please get GW2, and check out this unique add-on available through April.

For more about composing 8-bit music with modern technology, take a look at this handy report from the Guild Wars 2 Team:

The Music of Super Adventure Box |

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Things I’m Digging

1. Albacore Chunk White Tuna in water.

Sometimes, you ¬†just have to eat tuna. ¬†One of my resolutions was to eat lunches and dinners from home more often and today I ended up eating tuna sandwiches–twice. ¬†It’s probably not the healthiest option for every meal, but when you’re already running late (another resolution I’m working on), it’s super easy to just grab the can, grab a couple pieces of bread, and go to work. ¬†My cafeteria has condiments readily available so I just mixed it with low fat mayo, pickle relish, and call it good. ¬†Luckily this morning, I was also able to grab an apple and a pepper to munch on, and I had some apple sauce, almonds, and cheese sticks already at work. ¬†Tonight–I was not so ravenous, but we were still hangry and ended up making tuna sandwiches for dinner too.

Ugh. I might not be digging chunk white tuna much longer, though.. when looking for an image to spice this one up, I learned that adults are only supposed to eat chunk white tuna (not the same as chunk¬†light tuna) 3x/month or risk elevated exposure to¬†methylmercury. ¬†Great. ūüė¶

2. Guild Wars 2

This may be where the list ends because, really, that’s what I’ve been focusing on, lately. ¬†I love to play with my guild mates and the game just offers so much variety and challenges. ¬†The game helps to meet some of my social needs because I can link up to play with real life friends, too. ¬†Depending on the mood, we can go exploring, questing, seek dynamic events, fight dragons, raid dungeons, or compete in player vs player action. ¬†Here are some screen shots I wanted to share with you:

My character, Aminarra Westin, sporting 3 versions of armor
My character, Aminarra Westin, sporting 3 versions of armor
This ice crystal shows just how detailed this game can be..
This ice crystal shows just how detailed this game can be..
This is what 'stealth' looks like in this game... Go ahead, click the link to make the image bigger.
This is what ‘stealth’ looks like in this game… Go ahead, click the link to make the image bigger.
Twilight Arbor Nightmare Tree
This is the boss at the end of Twilight Arbor… and this dude is nuts! The sound files of the creaking wood overwhelm the audio and lend to the magnitude of this foe.

This weekend, I’m going to think about some prerequisites and goals surrounding gaming because this one ¬†turns into a time-suck pretty quickly. ¬†It’s so engaging and entertaining that hours can fly by and I barely notice. ¬†One Saturday, I had a piece of toast for breakfast and did not get the urge to eat until 8 hours later. ¬†I guess that’s one way to lose weight ūüėČ j/k