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Getting to know me

Name: Megan
Nickname: Megs
Age: 25
Relationship Status: Happily “Taken” by Rah-Rah
Home Life: 2 Adult Roommates, Rah-Rah and Toby (Tobias, the fluffcat)
Work Life: 8.5 hrs/day 5 days/week, sedentary.
Location: Midwest USA (MN)
Favorite Food: All of it?  That’s why I’m here, right? Chocolate + Pizza
Favorite Workout: Kettlebell Swings
Favorite Past time: Reading
Past: 1 Triathlon Relay Team (Swimming, 2008), many 5ks.
Present: 5 5ks in 2011, and a “reward” Monster Dash 5k in October
Future: Outdoor Winter Fitness


So, now that you’ve read through the bullet-style summary of “me,” I wanted to go a little more in-depth.  My name is Megs and I’m from Minnesota.  My situation “as-is” is a bit of a challenge in that I live with 3 other adults and work in a sedentary job.  I believe that my lifestyle right now is probably similar to if I were living with my Rah-Rah with a family of our own, so I look at it as a challenge and unique opportunity to “practice” healthy living when I’m not the only one in control of the menu, the money, the cupboards or the fridge.  Currently, I am participating in a program through work called InBody260.  Participants meet 1-2x/month to talk about new foods, victories and struggles with weight and activity management.  Every 2 months, an evaluation will be completed to assess  whether or not we’re going in the right direction.  I am hoping my next scan will be better than my last.

Currently, I am working on cooking my own meals rather than eating take-out, cafeteria food or gas station food.  My worst habit right now is giving in to temptations that I shouldn’t.  For example, I live kitty-corner from a gas station–I tend to go in on my way to work to get a mocha or a breakfast sandwich… I spend less than $5, but if I round to $5 then I’m spending at least $25/week on just breakfast from a gas station.  If I don’t pack my lunch, a meal from the cafeteria at work runs between $5-7 and so that’s potentially between $25-$35/week.  Every weekend, we spend between $45-$100 on groceries just for Rah-Rah and I.  Eating food that I prepare myself, then, will not only save my calorie budget, but it will help our wallets too.