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Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary

Please forgive any typos, I’m sure to go back and fix them, but this blog is being written from my phone while the Little Miss sleeps on me.

I joined a new 6 week challenge at the beginning of the month, and it hasn’t been going so well. I think my own dedication wavered. I am back at it for week 3, though, and have my goal chart taped to the fridge. So far so good!


One of the things that helps me to be successful is to plan out food–at least dinner. It’s a little difficult with the little one, but she’s taking more of an interest in her toys, now, so it’s a little easier.


I think she’s having a Wonder Week, though.  A wonder week is when she’ll make a big leap forward in her mental development, but in the mean time, the world is a scary place.  That’s resulted in a decreased appetite for her, a change in her cry (more shrieking or whimpers, not much in between), and being extra clingy.

Luckily she loves her toys and just having Mama in sight, so I’m able to get the menu made, the grocery list written out, and bought.


We had our first planned dinner last night, and I have to admit, it turned out pretty good!! I took most of the ideas for dinner from Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilipo. The recipe for roasted chicken had some delicious flavor combinations that we decided to try out.


The recipe called for garlic, lemon, onion and rosemary, but my garlic went bad, so I just omitted it. I added carrots, but potatoes wouldn’t fit!

The recipe didn’t say whether to roast it covered or uncovered or whatnot, so I just threw it in the oven uncovered. It seemed to work!


I checked the temp between the thigh and the breast and it read167+, but I’m not sure it was actually done-done. I might leave it in longer next time.

Since we bought fresh rosemary and I don’t want it going to waste, I repeated the flavor profiles on some broiled salmon tonight.


It’s a challenge to get this stuff done with an infant around, but I managed to get it all done while the Little One slept–not all at once, but throughout the day. I was determined… To give you an idea, it took me 6 hours to write this post. 😛


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