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Independence, not indulgence day ;)

I got my big floppy hat and I’m ready for a day in the sun! We’re heading to Grandma’s house for a barbeque where I will have to battle the urge to eat massive quantities of brownies, cake, cookies, and creamy salads. After that, were off to a cruise along the river, and fireworks around 10.


I had a good breakfast, and even a small protein based snack so that I’m not ravenous when we get to lunch.

I know that complete denial of all sweets will backfire on me, so I’m going for the “small tastes” strategy. ^_^

Happy independence day!


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4 thoughts on “Independence, not indulgence day ;)

  1. I was going to wish you good luck, but I might be a bit late. Instead, how did it go? (Vicky Browne on the NFA Womens facebook group)

    1. Not bad! Not perfect, but better than if I weren’t being mindful of my decisions. 🙂 I had one brownie and one cookie, but both times I relocated away from the treats before going back for more. ^_^

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