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Sunrise: 9-volts, doge, and noodles

The other day, (Wednesday, I believe,) I had a dentist appointment that turned into a lot of pain. By the time the anesthetic wore off, I couldn’t talk because it felt like I was being jolted. Ever put your tongue on a “dead” 9-volt battery as a kid? That’s what it felt like. It sucked.  The Naked Juice from the previous entry was all I could eat that day.  Unless, of course, you count the doses of Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Orajel which aren’t pictured.


If you haven’t voted for Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss, please do so.

You have to connect with Facebook so that votes can’t be duplicated by the same person (this challenge is all about fair and healthy).  Connecting would give them access to any public friends and contact lists, but obviously, if your friends have privacy settings that are something other than public, they get nothing.  It also asks to post on your behalf.  If you do, it helps get the word out for votes. If you don’t like that idea, you can use the drop down to select private (posts on your behalf) and then no one will see.  It’s a pretty straight forward Facebook connection, and you can easily delete the app afterwards.  If you’re Facebook savvy and want to cast your vote, then it’s easy as 1,2,3!

1) select this link: healthy wage challenge
2) make sure the drop down menus say
“GE HealthAhead’s Lose Weight, Win Big 2014” and “Mini Challenge #1: Best Team Name and Before Photo”
3) scroll to find “Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss” and click to vote!

If you vote, comment below and you could be entered into a drawing to win a signed and personalized Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss illustration 🙂


In other news, my teeth are feeling much better now. I have a bit of a toothache today but it’s nothing like 9-volt Wednesday. 

Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis

School has been keeping me busy. I have two papers and two speeches to write this weekend, on top of a project at work, an eye exam, cleaning house, and celebrating Easter.  I guess that’s why sunrises come so early in the day– so you can squeeze in all the things you have to do.


Today I’ll be working on the aforementioned tasks, but I also wanted to fit in some food planning and grocery shopping.  For the past couple nights we’ve had take out because we simply have no food in our house.  It was tasty, but costly: $21 for Japanese (Soba) noodles, a salad, and 6 pot stickers.

Bbq chicken salad, Noodles and Company


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