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Kneehigh Productions: Tristan & Yseult at The Guthrie, MN

Megan + Jeff at Tristan & YseultTurns out, sometimes students get REALLY good deals for theater performances.  This weekend, we got to see Tristan & Yseult performed by Kneehigh Productions (from the UK!)  The opportunity was *so* good that we invited all the family that was in town to actually come along:

MN Family

Of course we wished our family far and away could’ve come with, but it was only 2 days notice for anyone involved.  C’est la vie, non?

The production was fantastic! Of course, I was really tempted to record some of the songs etc, but theater, much like movie theaters, have rules against such acts.  Probably even more so since their set etc. is also intellectual property–not just the performances.

The final act had me in tears, it was so moving. [spoiler alert] Tristan & Yseult is such an old tale that I feel okay ruining the ending–especially since in this play, it starts with the ending.  Tristan lay dying and had sent for Yseult, his love, but White Hands (his wife) was yelling “Do you love me?!” and all he could reply was “noir ou blanc!?” to find out if Yseult was coming to heal him or not.  In frustration, she replied “BLACK!” He gave up his fight to live, dying instead of heartbreak and agony, and Yseult arrived just in time to wail with his lifeless form in her arms.  How could you not weep for love, unrequited love, and love lost?


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