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Wipers up, snow down


I said this morning that wipers up means snow will be coming down.  It started early afternoon, and never really let up…


The roads were icy, visibility was reduced… And I had to go to school for class tonight.


Yeah. Good luck getting anywhere.


You know what, though? I got there, checked my voicemail, and heard a message saying class was canceled.


Some days are only good for building snowmen and going to bed early.


Tonight I’m wearing my warrior shirt to bed. Kind of need a reminder to eat better tomorrow and stop getting so frustrated with work.  I ranted at a friend* at work today about all of my frustrations and it just made me want to cry.  Then, I rushed off to school where I was scheduled for an exam…I was feeling crappy, so what did I have for dinner? A chicken taquito, a corndog, a bag of chips, a handful of dark chocolate, and about half a cup of gelato.  Did it feel good at the time? Absolutely. Does it feel good now? Nope. Can I take it back? Nope! Time to move on.

Tomorrow I’ll be well rested, and I’ll make sure to have healthy snacks with me.

Have a good night!


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2 thoughts on “Wipers up, snow down

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I live in eastern Canada, and we get tonnes of snow, like nearly two feet in the last 6 days! Ahhh well, summer be here before you know it! Glad to have found your blog, and I will be following your journey from here on out.

    PS. Don’t worry about your meal tonight. We ALL have those days. Get up tomorrow and kick butt, and you are right back on track.

    1. Ah! Thank you, Shane, I needed those words of encouragement. Do you have any fitness challenges today? I’m thinking we can motivate each other 😀

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