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Happy post Valentine’s day


This morning has had a few false starts.  I gave Tazzer his pill this morning around 7, stayed up for a bit, then snuggled back in bed. I played with Jeff’s arm this morning, using the crook of his elbow to play the sad trombone, over zealous tuba, and the panicked bugle (he tickled me mid-raspberry).

After that shenanigans, I went back to sleep. I can hear Jeff rummaging around in the kitchen.


Funny enough, he walked in with breakfast shortly after I wrote that sentence. Officially the first breakfast in bed!  In fact, this post exists because I’m usually out of bed before him, but he wanted to do this for me. It’d have ruined the gesture if I got up and helped him clean the kitchen. I know this from experience…he gets so sad if I foil a surprise.  This was nice. Good things come to those who wait.


And cats. Cats come to those who are waiting. D’awe…


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