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Holidays are over!


Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!!

Are the treats over yet? Hehe.. It’s been two days of absolute joy and I’m so thankful for this life I’m living.

Tuesday, I got up at 6:30 to give Taz his pill, decided to stay up, got sleepy, and went back to bed. I got up at 10 and made a treat for Jeff to make up for not including much in his Christmas stocking..


Chocolate dipped Clementines.  They were super tasty, and Jeff appreciated them.  Breakfast was French toast with honey and we watched (UK) Top Gear for a couple hours. It was just cool 🙂


We opened stockings. Jeff got me a glass water bottle and local honey from the Co-op. I got him a leather bound copy of The Art of War and the chocolate oranges. We shared everything 🙂

That night, it was The Christmas Story And carols at a friends house. We got socks, hats, and classic candy as gifts, but the people were gift enough. It was really a lovely time to just sit and visit with our good friend and our once-a-year friends at the party.

Enter Christmas day!! It was pretty much the opposite of the above. We didn’t get to sleep in or watch TV at home…it was, however, quite lovely.


My brother insisted that we get to his house at 7am. I woke up at 5:30, for some reason, and we left at 6:40. We were nearly to my brother’s place when we realized that we forgot something and had to go all the way back home. We finally made it out there, though, and got to chill with Mike and Steph until Mom and Keith arrived.


We lost track of time, but eventually we ended up at my Grandma’s house for Christmas dinner. I didn’t over eat too terribly, but I’m glad we didn’t bring left overs home 😀 The did was too good to resist!  My Mom and grandma did a great job.


With that  I’m off to the land of nod. I snuck in a 50-squat challenge and fully anticipate hitting the gym tomorrow 🙂

Welcome back: let’s do this.


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