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Big news: we’re scheduled!


We received notice of action in the mail on Saturday letting us know that we’ve got an interview appointment set up in about a month.

As soon as we realized what it was, I was drilling Jeff with questions; what side of the bed do I sleep on! What’s my favorite color! What size does do I wear!?


With the joking over, it kind of hit us that it’s really going to happen. We called our parents to ask for our birth certificates, I bought a book on the process, and we sort of paused while considering all of the evidence we’ll have to provide. Like entries from my blog, like this 😛

I heard they don’t like electronic records, though, so I can’t just drop off a USB with photos, entries, videos, etc.
I guess that means we have to set up a printer at home because that’s a TON of documentation.

In the mean time, though, it’s the holidays. The extent of my research today will be watching the movies “The Proposal” and “Green Card”

Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine


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