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Just tooling around..

I’m such a putz.  Aileen over at Army Pants and Flip Flops posted an entry all about how she used Pinterest as inspiration and organization for her wedding day.  The way that I relate to people is to share something about myself that is similar to what they’re sharing.  On paper it sounds find, but in practice it might come off as a bit self-centered.  So what do I do?  I just keep commenting.  No really–like after-thoughts.. I think she ended up with 4 comments from me? Oi oi oi.. 

In other news… the only thing exciting going on is that work has been crazy as per usual.  We’ve got another batch of new hires and thankfully they’re all showing promise.  There’s a couple of snags that snowballed but we’re working through those.  Learning week is coming up and I’ve got a couple of really promising training classes that I was able to sign up for.  The first is ‘Inclusiveness,’  which helps to break down the difference between tolerance and acceptance and make it easier to communicate and work with people from varied and diverse backgrounds.  The second is a communications course about inter-generational communication.  There are 4 cohort groups that we work with right now and one of the issues that was a snag and snowball is because one of the older members of my team didn’t take me seriously when I provided guidance.  I’m really looking forward to that class and hope that it’s more up to date.  My god, if they talk down to me as a member of the young-and-entitled cohort, I’m going to walk out.  Because that doesn’t help me to understand the other generations, that just tells me I’m a spoiled brat.  It might be true, but WORK WITH ME, PEOPLE!

Lastly, school is great, but it’s MEA week.  No school tomorrow, so I’m going to take the time to get some of my work out of the way that I’ve been falling behind on… at work. Overtime just isn’t enough time to finish what I need to do.


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      1. Getting excited comments from somebody who has also just had a wedding is the highest possible compliment. Did I tell you how much I cried watching your wedding video? I was like “I DON’T EVEN REALLY KNOW THESE PEOPLE BUT IT’S SO BEAUTIFULLLLL. EMOTIONS. WAHHHH.”

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