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Origami owl!



How did I not know about origami owl until recently?  I attended a party in late August and had a lot of fun looking at all the cute little charms and picking out ones that would go just so with my sister’s personality.  I went all out on the first necklace I made and ended up spending a whopping $76 on it.  It was completely worth it, though, to see the look on my sister’s face when she opened it up:



In her locket, I put embellished letters “V” and “M” for her husband and daughter, a rose-gold embellished heart, and a stamped plate that said “always.”  There’s a police badge that  I’m saving for her, and a few ideas I’ve got up my sleeve to add to her charm collection in the future.

Speaking of my seeeeester…… She got hitched this last weekend!! Now that all of these events that we’ve been anticipating are over, things should settle down a bit and return to less of a crazy pace.  Just in time for the end of summer…


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