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Breakfast: Bridezilla

Breakfast: Bridezilla.

I am supposed to be on my way to the Chiropractor, however, I realized that when I posted about my food this morning on my tracker blog, I also posted a mini-update.  I’m a bridezilla.  It started at 3pm on Monday, lasted through the day yesterday, and today I work up like a snarling bear.

This morning I’m actually a pretty happy person–my fiance is amazing and I have a great life–so hopefully the crabby goes away quickly.

The ‘zillaing was due to my coordinator just being scatterbrained and me being annoyed by it.  I went over the details for the ceremony and reception venue and noticed things were missing.  When I would bring it up to the coordinator (via e-mail) she would “Oh, I didn’t have THAT in my notes, it’ll be an extra $x/person!”  It’s like, your JOB is to have these details in your notes!! AUGH!

People kept telling me I should let her see the face of the bridezilla and my reply to them is that I don’t want to burn the bridge I’m still walking on.

It worked out (for now) and things are going ahead as planned.  My workout for the next couple days is going to be continuing to clean/organize so that there’s enough room for all of our guests to stay with us ❤



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2 thoughts on “Breakfast: Bridezilla

  1. I love your line about not wanting to burn the bridge you are still walking on! Smart girl! But I say once you’ve crossed it, set that sucker ablaze!! Despite all the last minute details sounds like the upcoming days are going to be fun, congrats!

    1. Thanks!! I’m looking forward to it, for sure. Plus, the weather is finally cooperating and acting like the spring season it should be. 🙂

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