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A guest of honor


I visited the cemetery today.  It’s so vast that we needed a map to find the right spot.



We found it, though, and… I don’t know how to explain it, I just felt at peace. My granddad finally got to meet the man of my life. And, we got to invite him to the wedding.  It’s been ten years since his passing but when I called my Grandma, she was happy, and rsvp’d on his behalf, said he’d be there. He’d be happy to be there.



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2 thoughts on “A guest of honor

  1. This is so so sweet. Simple and sweet. I have not yet been to visit my grandfathers grave but as you said I imagine it will be very peaceful. Glad your two men finally met. The RSVP thing makes me tear up! They will always be watching 😉

    1. Yep yep 🙂 It didn’t really hit me that it was 10 years until I was leaving the invitation. 2003. Huh.

      Anyway, it’s a lot easier these days. ❤

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