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A Haiku, and an Update

Ants on a log

The five year old me
is pleased with peanut butter,
celery, raisins.


Life has been super crazy busy lately.  Work is in overdrive, training takes 3 hrs every monday, dance lessons every tuesday, this week there are bridesmaid dresses on Wednesday, plus homework and wedding planning of my own. 

It seems like the quick snapshots I take of my food are manageable but that I haven’t brought any sort of substance to this blog lately.  I think it’s because I’ve convinced myself that you expect more of me than what I have to offer.  I tell myself that you aren’t interested in a regurgitation (ew.) of the day’s events, unless something well and truly meaningful happened. 

But you know what?  Life is good, but a good life isn’t all that *interesting.*

The most interesting things I have to share are as follows: 

– I do squats or standing crunches in the elevator these days

– I do wall push-ups in the bathroom

– Jeff and I now have our names on the same set of checks (joint account, what?!)

– We think Toby fell into the bathtub the other night

– Taz likes to use my face as a pillow… but he smells really bad, so I do not like it as much. 

– The wedding is officially 40 days away. 

– gtg, things to be done. 


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4 thoughts on “A Haiku, and an Update

  1. I love this post! If often have the same thoughts about posting, ya know, who wants to read a post about my simple day, sooo not entertaining. But your news of a joint checking account and the image of cats falling in bathtubs make me smile and gives me a little giggle in my day!

    Ps – you have the best fit tips, I never thought of doing squats in the elevator!

    1. Oi, don’t imagine you’ll be doing any elevator squats for a while.. Any news on that knee of yours? For the record, I adore your blog, even on days it’s just a stream of consciousness 🙂

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