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Wedding Planning Update

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So, my own wedding is pretty much planned and now it’s all down to execution.  We’ve got exactly two months left until The Big Day.  Two months from now, we will have had the couple’s shower, the rehearsal dinner, and I’ll be kicking Jeff out of the house for the day/night so that we can have our Bachelor/ette parties on the Saturday before the wedding.

My goodness.  So much fun.


This last Saturday, my mom and I actually headed out to Sephora for make-overs.  I wanted to try on a wedding look and this dramatic smokey-eye is what they came up with.  The pictures seriously do not do it justice.  The lashes are my own but they were enhanced so much by the mascara and the liquid eye-liner.  I don’t like the way the foundation looks in the pictures so I did not buy into that, but I definitely snatched up the liquid eye-liner.  If only it came in water-proof because that stuff smudged at the tiniest provocation.  It’ll be *gone* by the end of the wedding ceremony, lol!

Speaking of wedding stuff… My fabulous sister has schemed with my grandma to throw a couple’s wedding shower for Jeff and I.  That’s coming up on Sunday and I’m super excited.  We were excited AND perplexed when boxes from Target started showing up in the mail randomly.

Cat-in-the-boxThe cats were also thrilled.  Taz has been attacking the packing stuffs and diving into the boxes like no one’s business.  Toby has been tentative as usual =P  We’ve got some stamps left over from mailing the invitations, so we’re able to be pretty quick about sending thank-you cards back through the mail.  It’s been really fun checking the mail every day because it’s like opening a gift–sometimes there’s an RSVP in there and we get to think about all the wonderful people we’ll get to reunite with in just a couple short months.  At least it’s something to look forward to amid all this mucky-muck:

Winter Wonderland



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4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Update

  1. Loo over the eye makeup… And totally agree with you on the foundation… It makes you look sick with beautiful eyes! We will be getting some of that snow tomorrow.

    1. I think that my phone compression rate/lighting contributed to the sickly look, but I really liked the way my eye-shadow turned out 🙂 I usually use a light color on the inner corner, a mid-tone across the lid, and a dark color on the outside making a “V” to accent the corners, but they carried the color all the way across the crease and kept the light tones all the way across the bottom. I was surprised at how wide open my eyes looked with all that make-up there!

  2. Love the eye makeup. I wish I could figure out how to do good eye shadow makeup. I don’t wear it that much, but I want to know just in case… Anyway, you look fab!

    1. Thanks 🙂 They did a good job, huh? I have no idea how to really re-create that look, but I’m going to try! There are lots of tutorials on the internet…

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