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I have a new computer…

So, I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but, my computer fried about a month ago… I have had limited time to game, to blog, to peruse pinterest, to really do anything casually online.  It was all because of a stupid pair of speakers that discharged an electric shock when I went to plug them in.  I started out just trying to have a cleaning house dance party and ended up with a fried motherboard.  Jeff thinks that it was starting to fail anyway and that three speaker thing is a coincidence… I kind of wasn’t to burn them anyway.

The good news is that now I’ve got a new computer that’s on par with Jeff’s instead of a hand-me-down.  Don’t get me wrong, Jeff loves technology, so a hand-me-down from him is still far superior to anything I’d get for myself.  Because of this, he’s also had a hand in building my new rig.  It’s shiny and new and…currently doing a windows update, so I’m blogging from my phone.

Mother Board: AS Rock Extreme 4 Processor: I5 3570k
Memory: 8 gigs of DDR3
Video Card: AMD 7870
Inboard water cooling

We reused the power supply and the sound card. We wanted to reuse the video card as well, but the motherboard couldn’t “see” it.





I’m really happy to have my own computer again, especially with school starting back up. I’ll need to balance play time with work, though.  *giddy*


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