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Crazy little thing called love

I figured that I may as well post about our wedding planning since Valentines day is right around the corner.  This post is being brought to you via the mighty WordPress mobile app.  And sometimes my keyboard gets finicky and I end up with unresolved typos. I ask your forgiveness up front…

Just kidding, any typos are the result of fluffy fluffy paws on the keyboard.
Just kidding, any typos are the result of fluffy fluffy paws on the keyboard.

So the latest development with wedding planning includes the conclusion of the majority of alterations on my gown.  My mom asked a friend to “take a look at it” but this friend ended up working wonders.  I was in my gown standing on a wine crate while she’s got pins at the ready. “yep and I’m just going to baste it here…” And before I could get too carried away with the mental image of her using a turkey baster in some manner she saw my look of confusion and explained what basting meant.  “oh!! Like what the mice do in Cinderella!!”

I think she needed a moment to decide whether or not to be offended, or perhaps just to recall the scene in question.. Then her face lit up and she confirmed my simile.  Diane had been just wonderful and I’d say my dress is about 98% complete.

The invitations were assembled with the help of some good friends.  My buddy Gloria has some really nice pictures of the details, but we’re waiting to release those until they’ve had time to arrive in the mail.  Once I get the first update that the invitation was received, there’ll be a flood of invitation detail pictures and descriptions posted here 🙂

You've got mail!



We were able to go to the post office at the international airport to get the invitations mailed.  They’re the only post office I know of that’s open until 11pm on weeknights.  The clock behind Jeff’s head is accurate =P  I think it was almost 9pm by the time we were done 🙂  The cool news is that they’ve come out with a new “Global Forever” stamp that can be used to mail any 1oz letter ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for the low low price of $1.10.

Considering we thought that the cost of mailing each Canadian invitation was going to be $6.75, we were THRILLED to discover this new stamp.  The stamps for the U.S. invitations were only $0.66 each and featured cute little cakes on them.



We’ve got plans for the rehearsal dinner (cupcakes will be involved!), got the measurements started for the men’s tuxes, corrupted Lori and Ross with Talenti ice cream, and got some more details worked out.  It’s honestly staggering to realize how much we’ve done and how much we still have left to do.  Things are really moving along and we’re pretty excited about it.

So, on this wedding-related note, happy Valentine’s day!  No matter where you’re at in your life-stages, take time today to reflect on things that make you happy, and the people and pets that you love.  It’s just a day for love and warm fuzzies, so I hope you catch some 🙂


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