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The Shoes-ah!

I’m so excited. I knew there was no way I could be tottering around in my towering heels on my wedding day and so I went shopping on Zappos for the first time, looking for a back-up plan.  I was bummin’ around with my mom at the time so I used their mobile site.  It was super easy.  I bought a couple pair of back-up shoes for the wedding and I was really impressed with everything.  Zappos has an agreement of sorts with Amazon and so I was able to use the login credentials from that site. Since I was using my mobile phone to do all of my shopping, that made it super easy.  There’s nothing worse* than trying to configure a secure password that you’ll remember on a PC using a smartphone keyboard.  Ugh. (*there are worse things, but I like being mellow-dramatic).


So yes, the mobile site was great. The shipping (even super fast ‘next-business-day’ shipping) was free and it’s free to send them back, too, which may come in handy… I saw a pair of purple heels that had my name on them – “Meg.”  They were kind of summery, strappy.. I thought, what the hey, they might work!



First impressions were good–they were the perfect color, the style was pleasing…but wearing them around the house kind of made me realize that they’re a little cheaply constructed.  The sole was flimsy and the liner was pulling up near the toe bed.  Womp womp 😦  It’s safe to say I was kinda glad I ordered a second pair, and really glad that they have free shipping for returns, ’cause these aren’t going to make the cut.

The blue, oh my goodness.. the blue were beautiful!! Breathtaking, even.. I unwrapped them and inspected them for quality and was pleased with the stitching and the fabric, the construction of the sole and the heel…

2013-01-08_19-38-08_577I wore them around the apartment for a while and was pleased with the fit and the comfort.  It’s got excellent cushioning for such a low heel.  The only trouble spot is near the big toe.. unfortunately, these rub right near the cuticle in a way I can tell will cause a blister 😦  I’m going to try to find a way to break them in gently so that it’s not a problem.



They are even a perfect match to the bridesmaids’ dresses ❤  I’m so thrilled!  I’m going to be showing the blue ones off tomorrow when I get to work to see if mom likes them.  Even if she doesn’t, I do, and they’re perfect.  *gush* The shoes-ah!!


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8 thoughts on “The Shoes-ah!

  1. beautiful!! Love the blue! You guys in the states get it so lucky with shipping!! Takes forever to ship from the states to Canada (unless you want to pay an arm and a leg). Would a clear circle bandaid on your toe work to prevent a blister?

    1. You’re right, shipping is horrid! I wanted to ship a package to Jeff’s parents for Christmas and it was $70 at one place at $150 at the next… it’s like, we love ya, but we can’t ship these right now.. 😦

  2. Looooove the blue! Could you put a little mole skin or a gel bandaid on the inside of the show to keep it from rubbing? Good luck breaking them in! Xoxoxoxoxo so happy formyoumand hope,more little wedding details leak out soon!

    1. Hehe! Thanks Rachel… The bandaid idea would probably work, but I’m hoping to inspect the craftsmanship a little closer and modify the shoe itself. I’m not a fan of bandaids and their sticky residue 😦

  3. gorgeous!! I may have to check zappos out for my shoes… i hate shoes, and cannot walk in heels. Ugh. Someone needs to have a slumber party w/ me and teach me these things, lol! I also have extremely wide feed, ugh!

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