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Thankful 100 Part II: 26-50

26.  Athletic events with friends

555791_10151074089567112_748165965_n27. Flip Flops

28. Heels

338653_10151132943667112_334636271_o29. Flats

30. Dresses

325940_10151124270332112_468902250_o31. Gowns (no spoilers here!)

32. S’mores


33. Jeans

34. Slippers

402114_10150537346977112_1443967729_n35. Online Comics

36. Literature in general

37. the “Parenthood” TV series


38. Video games in general.



40. Grumpy Cat


41. Felicia Day

42. Jenna Mourey

43. Comfy clothes

44. Hair ties

45. Mascara

46. Volunteering with my mom and co-workers


47. Cute Glasses

48. Friends I met online…who are friends in truth ❤

Online49. Weight Loss Warriors / Last Stand girls

50. Trust


Interests include: art, photography, fitness, strength training, health, wellness, netflix, gaming, reading, imgur, NerdFitness, parenthood, and fun.

5 thoughts on “Thankful 100 Part II: 26-50

  1. Xoxoxoxoxoxox. Love you too! Grumpy cat lol…. Exact opposite of my cat. My cat is like a dog. If I look at her, she starts purring.

  2. I’m so excited to see the Warriors here! I’m thankful for your friendship too Megs, you are truly a wonderful person. Don’t ever forget that!!!

    1. Awe, I couldn’t–not with you lovely ladies always reminding me 😀 Seriously–I adore you girls and appreciate your friendship so much. Thanks for being so good to an internet friend.

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