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Hodgepodge (an update about Canada and the Christmas Season)

I’ve bot Bassnectar Freestyle Music pumping through my headphones at the moment.  Wearing my (awesome) pajamas (pac-man t-shirt and some bad hair day cartoon black pants) and just trying to figure out what to put in this blog.

I’ve been doing a lot of *reading* of blogs lately because they’re delivered straight to my inbox and I’m usually able to scrape a few minutes together to read them on my phone.  I haven’t felt inspired to WRITE lately, though.  There’s not been much that’s interesting going on and anything that IS interesting is so far gone that it feels irrelevant.

Over the week of Thanksgiving last month, Jeff and I went to see his parents, family, and friends.  We were there for the WHOLE week and it was good for the soul to reconnect with the people that we care about and who care about us from afar.  We connected to see our friends Anne, Errol and their son, Landon.  We got to see Jeff’s Aunt Janet and Uncle Greg. I finally got to meet Jeff’s friend Jackie (and play Mario on her SNES ❤ hehe).  PLUS he finally got to see his brother, niece and nephew for the first time since last Christmas.  Like I said, good for the soul.


465510_10151332141677112_1968038866_oDriving around the city up there really brought in the Christmas spirit, too!  Thanksgiving in Canada was back in October (on the 8th, I believe) and so they were full swing into the holiday season with lights, and snow, and music on the radio.  It was really nice and I felt like I was indulging to just take it all in and be okay with it without having to defend Thanksgiving’s ‘honor’.

705261_10151316087967025_612073457_oOnce I got home, I started decking our home out with Christmas splendor, too.  I feel like time has been flying, though, and there’s never enough of it.  It took me nearly a week to get our tree done because I could only worked on it for a few minutes here and there.  I finished it last night and I’m really happy with it.  For a wonder, I actually used the ‘nice’ camera to take pictures this year, but I forgot that I don’t have an SD card reader on my PC, so it’s going to be a while before I can post those pictures.. le sigh.

We also had the Big Baking Weekend at my Grandma’s house a couple weeks ago, which was lovely.  My sister, her daughter, our mom, and her cousin all descended on my Grandma’s house for eight hours of baking and tom foolery.  Reconnecting with my sister was great.  We haven’t talked much because we’re both in school and life has been busy, but she filled me in on her own wedding plans and even some family planning for the future.  I might have a new little niece or nephew in the next few years if they’re serious about family planning.  I’m excited for her.  She deserves happiness and I think she might have found it.


Of course, being with my Grandma was great, too.  We found some really really old recipes in the archive and I got to hear the stories about having made them in the past and whose favorites they were.  Date cookies, apparently, were my Great Grandpa Ray’s very favorite.

Once I can figure out how to get the pictures off of the good camera, I also have some HILAROUS video of when my 8 year old niece got bored and stole away with the camcorder function of my camera.  I think I’ll work on that today if I can find some time between studying and celebrating my brother’s graduation 🙂



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