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Colorado n stuff

[Life in general]


I’ve been meaning to write, but there always seems to be something that comes up *cough*GW2*cough*.

Well, now I’m at my friend’s house, four states away from home. Everyone is sleeping, so I’m going to write.


School so far I’d alright. I like to think that I’m keeping up, but who knows? If I’m reading the syllabi right, then I met the first week’s requirements. If not, well… Ce est la vie. I can’t go back and change it, all I can do is keep studying.

[Guild Wars 2]

GW2 is going pretty well 🙂 I’ll keep this part short, because I think a segment of my followers are actually here for  food and fitness (if you can believe that, lol).  I’m not leveling too quickly in the game because I haven’t really settled on what my main is going to be vs. what my alt is going to be. I’ve got a lvl 11 human guardian.  I like to use a short sword and a torch with that one. Alternately, I’ve got a lvl 12 sylvari Mesmer.  With her, I like to switch back and forth between the staff and the sword/focus set up. I’ve got a lot of cool combos with the various weapons, though, that are allowing me to start with an AOE, pop a couple of illusions, then head into melee range for a quick kill.  Lastly, I’ve got an asura elementalist.  That one is only lvl 2, so I have nothing to report.


Emily read me the riot act last week because I had let work and play come between me and exercise.  The take-away from our discussion was that she wants me to be strong physically and emotionally. I can’t do that if I keep wrecking my sleep schedule and skipping my workouts.  Other than that, they’re going well. I think my favorite move at the moment are TRX rows. I’m up to three times per week and it is going well. I just need my food habits to keep up.


Jeff and I made a pork roast the other day that was really tasty… Pork roast + granny smith apples + cripps pink apples + onion + carrots + cinnamon + apple juice.  You put it all in the slow cooker for six to eight hours on low… Nom. The cinnamon and carrots turn out great, but the apples take on the flavor of the onion and the pork, so they’re not as good. I’ll probably cook up a separate batch of cinnamon apples to have on the side next time.


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3 thoughts on “Colorado n stuff

  1. That’s great you have someone to push you to workout and to take care of yourself. I definitely am the type skip my workouts if I didn’t get enough sleep and I was physically spent. I royally fell off the exercise bandwagon 😦

    1. Oh good 🙂 I’ll just order up a stack, lol. Jeff was excited after his work out yesterday.. he’s up to a 40 second plank and was able to up his weights, too.

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