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Using Minions to say thanks to your Minions

Chocolate Minion Cupcake

We have a new process at work that requires us to actually clock-in at the start of our shift.  We even have to clock-out at the end of our shift!  And for lunches too!! It’s been working pretty well so far in that I have been earning between 15 minutes to an hour of overtime on a weekly basis.  I think that the idea is that we would be paid for every. Single. Minute. Worked.

First Minions
(mix up your gel or it will be watery)

The reality is that I constantly forget to punch-in, punch-out, or take my breaks.  The weird thing (or maybe not so weird?) is that we cannot edit our own time cards.  If we could, I’d be the one fixing it and there would be no problem.  We can’t, though, and so I find myself e-mailing my boss 1-3x/day.  It has gotten to the point where an e-mail will just have the subject line of “missed punch: out at 5:45pm EOM” and then I won’t put anything in the body of the e-mail.  The reply is usually “Thanks, gal!” which confirms that my boss got the message and made the necessary changes.  I have tried post-it notes, reminders, and just trying to develop general habits but I have yet to have a perfect week on this new program.  I punch in pretty well, and get my lunch in as I should, but I almost always have a slip up somewhere between the end of lunch and the end of my shift.  This is where minions come in.

My poor manager has been spending so much time editing time cards that it’s almost as if she’s been demoted to minion.  We ask, she does.  It’s not really fair (in my opinion) to pile that much more work on her plate.  So, to say thanks, I’m going to put a minion on her plate:

I got this idea from pinterest and had a LOT of fun with it.  My brother’s girlfriend, Stephanie, came over and spent the day with me and so this is one of the things that we did for fun.  We started out by taking twinkies (well, creme filled sponge cake – it was half the price of the name brand) and cutting them in half.  We then piped gel in place and affixed white smarties for eyes, and then used more gel to fill in pupils, mouths, hair, and goggle bands.  It was quite entertaining to see how much these little buggers represented minions from Despicable Me.

Assemble the minions!

1) Bake Cupcakes

2) While cupcakes are baking, prepare minions — Cut twinkie in half, use gel to affix smarties for eyes, draw mouth, pupils, and hairs

3) frost cooled cupcakes and plop twinkie minion on top 🙂



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